Legend Mazda Kia / Incredibly insulting, dishonest, and immoral

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I checked online for the complaints about Legend Kia in San Antonio, TX and thought long and hard about whether I wanted to do business with them. I saw their advertising on tv that they will pay off your trade, even if you owe $5, 000 more than it's worth. I really need a bigger vehicle because my three teenagers are older and can barely fit into my Ford Ranger Supercab.

So I figured the worst they could tell me was no. I go to the dealer and test drive a couples of different vehicles. I really wanted an SUV, but because my credit is still not completely clean, I couldn't get financed for one. So I decided a brand new car would still be ok, I was approved for a Kia Forte, or so I thought. We went through the haggle process. I couldn't sign all the paperwork that day they said because the bank and the other finance company who owns my truck are closed on Saturday. So they said it would be no problem, go ahead and drive it home and we will call you when we get all the paperwork done. All you have to do is come in and sign the rest of the paperwork, and we will fill the tank with gas and detial it one last time and give you all the paperwork and books for the car. I thought that if they let me drive the car off the lot then I got approved and everything was ok. NO!

I called on Wednesday because I hadn't heard from the dealer, who said they would call me around Tuesday. They said the paper work was ready so go ahead and come in to the dealer. I went in straight after work. I had to wait a few minutes because there was a line. I asked if the dealership carried the converter for the Ipod, Kia changed theIR Ipod connection so they can charge you forty dollars for their own converter, the sales rep I was dealing with said yes, so I went ahead and bought one. The finance guy comes out and tells me that only one bank said they would finance me, but I had to put $4, 000 down on the vehicle.

I came in to the dealership and from the very beginning told the sales rep and the finance guy that I only had about $500 to put down at that moment. They said that's no problem. They knew my circumstances when we did business, even the sales rep I was dealing with was totally embarrassed. So I had to give the car back. Not real upset at this point, I'm not so desparate for a new car that I'm willing to take what ever they will offer me. But then they made me have a escort to walk out to my truck to make sure I had nothing in the car I was returning and to make sure I wouldn't do something to their precious vehicle. This was totally embarrassing to me as there was a room full of people at the moment and they made me wait in a room and the lady walked me right through the middle of the show room floor in front of every body.

That was incredibly insulting, dishonest, and immoral. I understand I don't have great credit, I am trying to work on that. I only owe $5, 000 on top of my student loans. I am current on ALL my bills. I have no problem with them telling me no. It's the embarrassing treatment and lying and false advertising I have a problem with.


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