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My wife and I were in Amway Global under LTD for a couple years and did not have any noteworthy success (the business never paid for itself). Let me be clear on one point: We have absolutely no issue with Amway Global. Amway's business is straight-forward, no-nonsense, and their support personnel are very polite and helpful (and English-speaking). Picture yourself as having your own department in a local sales company, and say your boss gives you a commission based on your sales but also the performance of your entire department. Perfectly fair, right? The problems with Amway generally come from the third-party organizations that make up the base of distributors, such as LTD. In other words, Amway brings the pyramid, and the outside organization brings the scheme.

LTD's business model is based on getting the distributors to buy the products, rather than any real selling to customers. The idea is that each person who joins is expected to buy about $200/mo of products for their own use and sell another $100/mo of products to their families and friends (also saying that it'll be primarily things you were going to buy anyway... toothpaste and toilet paper and such). They accomplish this by talking people into signing up before they have any earthly idea how it works, and then the sponsor assists in doing the same for the new member's prospects.

The conferences were extremely loud. The testimony from those at the top was very motivating and inspirational. However the events are also extremely commercial... They do things like forbid outside food and drink, and then put up barricades in front of water fountains and cover them with trash bags so you have to buy bottles of water from the vendors at extreme prices. You know, I'm prone to dehydration, and I really don't spend hundreds of dollars and drive half a day to attend a conference just to be denied tap water. It's actually pretty rude. I didn't appreciate being treated that way.

We've been out of the business for a year or so now, although we've recently been giving some consideration to trying Amway with a more reliable organization. We recently had an incident with one of the higher-ups in LTD, someone in the third tier from the top. He was advertising his business on Facebook, and my wife responded with a one-liner like "We tried it, and it didn't work for us." Any real business model should be able to withstand such a mild criticism, right? I didn't actually get to read her original comment because the guy promptly deleted it and wrote her a very nasty message. They went back and forth a couple times, and then I gave him a piece of my mind, and we both blocked him. I'm not going to list his name or the full content of the messages at this time, but here are some excerpts.

"Thanks for the ignorant post on my wall... It didn't work for you because your lazy not because of LTD. Amway works no doubt. And considering that LTD is the fastest and most successful organization in Amway in North America, its kinda hard to say its LTD's fault either."

"We are successful in LTD and Amway... And you all are still struggling. Justification and blame.. Now its not LTD's fault, its <name omitted>'s fault..."

And he mentioned to get one more nasty message through to my dear wife before she got him blocked:

"Since your coward of a husband wrote me a message and then blocked me from responding because he is a gutless coward. Please let that ball-less male know that it was you that sent the first message not me...
I feel really bad for your kids to be honest. They have to grow up with parents who are cowards"

Apparently I'm a coward for blocking him. I guess it's socially expected of me to engage in some idiotic urinating contest with him until he's blue-as-a-sharpie in the face. Anyway, that was our experience with LTD. The local team was pretty nice, and we would occasionally go out to eat or go bowling, etc. But the higher-ups have a philosophy they teach you, which is either you're in, or you don't matter. In the end, we felt like we were deceiving people, and we made a conscience decision to part ways with LTD. This kind of behavior from people at the top of the organization just goes to show that we made the right decision.

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      Feb 04, 2013

    Funny that one person makes a whole buisness. Everyone I have ever worked with on this team has been completely courteous and helpful I'm not sure who you are really or where you are from but I can say this. Just because you had a bad experiance, I feel, does not give you the right to down play everyone including myself who are part of this organization. I hope you do find success if you start another Amway buisness. But I do wanna say I've never had problems getting to a water fountain... barricades... wow man.

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