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2:04 pm EST

All Solutions Network Non payment

I started promoting All Solutions Network in October 2022. It is now January 30th 2023. As of today I still haven't received any payments. Just for this month alone I have received 95 emails saying there have been loan inquiries from my site, so I must be doing my part right. But when I email Bruce Castro or email support They don't email me back. I received one email in December saying payments would be out within one week. But I didn't get one. I thought by BBB saying they had been in business for 21 years, it would be a legitimate company to work for, however I guess I was wrong. I was also told if I sent a copy of my credit report to Bruce he would send me a free credit repair manual, a free gas voucher and a free grocery voucher. I didn't receive those either. I tried to contact my upline sponsor Kevin Farmer, he didn't reply either. so I just wasted 3 Months for nothing.

Desired outcome: I would like to see them keep their word and deliver what they promise. Deliver on products and payments.

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ASN Services
Granite Bay, California, US
May 18, 2023 7:03 pm EDT
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It’s difficult to respond to complaints without certainty of who is making the complaint. With over 500,000 members, with only an initial and last name it could be any of 33 members.


We apologize. We are generally pretty good at getting back to members, but we do miss things. We are not perfect. Unfortunately, it is obvious that we missed some of your communications. Please feel free to email us to our ASN support email. Whatever the issue we will solve it.


We are not perfect but we do pretty well. You’ll notice that of the relatively few most are from years ago. And we get HUNDREDS of times more unsolicited testimonials than we do complaints. Please see…

But yes, if you search, you will find complaints. But this is true of ANY company. Even those you already know and trust. Do a google search for “complaints against walmart”, “complaints against Verizon”, etc… you will find thousands.

Unfortunately, If you are in business, you get complaints. It’s a symptom of the times and the internet.

Our ratio of complaints to public exposure is better than any company I know. We hate to have any, but if you are in business, you get complaints.

In fact, MOST complaints that I’ve ever seen, were unwarranted misunderstandings that were ultimately resolved. Unfortunately, we have a system that is easy to earn, but not the simplest to understand. We’ve had members who joined, got others to join for free, and thought that meant they earned money. It didn’t. It has never worked that way.

However, because it’s the internet, even after an issue is long gone and happily resolved, and the company and customer again friends and doing business together… the inaccurate information remains there forever.

4:12 pm EDT

All Solutions Network unable to login


I forgot my login information and as a result, have not been able to log in.
The reason I did not contact you before is due to the fact that I could not find where to request the login information before I stumbled onto this site.

My e-mail address is [protected]
I sincerely hope this is enough information, in order to get this issue corrected.

Thank you for your co-operation.


David Blake

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Luther Robinson
Cleveland, US
May 01, 2023 1:08 pm EDT

I'm having the same issue as I write this. I don't understand how many of there programs work however I've been a member of ASN since around 2013. to date I have been paid one time. I changed computers and the log information is gone. I have tried to log in other times and still nothing.

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8:56 am EDT
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All Solutions Network rec support fee 4 points.

I have been paying to get the 4 points.
I been paying so I know that I qualify every month for fast start and other compensation.

However, I never get paid anything.

I reach out to ASN for help. But nothing.

I have a medium sized down line that appears to be inactive.

What do I have to do to get paid Bruce?
I have been getting exhausted and need help.

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Update by Ez Scott
Nov 27, 2018 12:25 pm EST

Still awaiting your response. I guess I am just another stupid fool working hard for years to build a business through ASN Never smart enough to even get paid a single penny... Thanks Bruce!

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12:39 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

All Solutions Network non payments

It is now May 27, 2018 and I and many other All Solution Network (ASN) members have not been paid now for almost nine full months. That's correct we have not been paid since August 2017. I write to ASN and get no answer about payments. I even text the owner, Bruce Castro about payments and when he does respond back he promises over and over that payments will go out buy such and such a date, but never it happens. Now he is the owner and founder of this company and claims on his website that there will be a Thursday night call for any questions members have (which I am on almost every Thursday night the Weekly Thursday Teleconferences [protected] Enter Access Code 437688#) and Bruce is never on the call. He has texted me many times and again promises to be all the call for a particular date, but never comes on the call. Most of the time he has an excuse or reason why he cannot make the call, sometime he gives no reason why he doesn't make the call. This has been going on for many, many months that Bruces Castro has not been on the call. I write to Bruce or ASN support asking why payments are so late? And no answer as to why ASN payments are so late. Other than Bruce or family members are ill or other issues. As a matter of fact the last time Bruce texted me about August payments to be paid out was May 10, 2018 and he said: " to the payments, AS GOD AS MY WITNESS, I promise even if I have to do everyone of them myself the payment that's most in arrears will be sent out by Tuesday and then the month's paymnet will be sent out by the very next Tuesday I absolutely promise. ...I know it's inexcusable..." Notice what Bruce said: "AS GOD AS MY WITNESS" well on Wedensday May 16, 2018, I texted Bruce again, because payments had not been sent, and Bruce wrote back and said: "I actully am personally working on getting it done." That was last week and still no payments and still no reason why. Now you can see what I am talking about when it comes to his promises. Even on the ASN website to date, has not been updated on the ASN payment updates website, have not been updated since Mach 4, 2018, see here at this link or see image below:

I have been with company since 2011, and I really didn't want to write this complaint, but Bruce has left me no choice. I believe this is totally uncalled for and and to quote Bruce is "inexcusable." All ASN membership who are owed payments should be payed for all the past eight months, ASAP!

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8:23 am EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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I don't remember how exactly I fell into this site. Then I started getting mails from Bruce Castro. This site had a lot of things to sell and I thought I joined it because I felt I can really convince my site visitor to buy these products without much problem. I even managed to get in one downline affiliate to the site. Then I checked in to check my bill...

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