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GXi Parts & Service LLC reviews & complaints

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GXi Parts & Service LLC - Poor customer service and no refund

This box did nothing at all. I had two channels before the box and I had two channeles with their box. I purchase a highly rated antenna still nothing. This weekend I looked all over the internet for ways to make it work nothing worked. Tried to send the box back for a refund within 3 days of the purchase they would not give me a refund.

What kind of customers service is this? Make sure you know this box works before you purchase.

I tried to replace my remote control that brake after 1 month but the company will not replace it. And now I'm afraid the converter will probably stop working really fast. just waist my money is this scam! SCAM!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

GXi Parts & Service LLC - Non-operable converter box

We purchased 2 Access HD Converter Boxes. We hooked one up and it does not come on at all. The plug get so hot you cannot touch it and it smells like it will catch on fire because it is so hot.

The other box comes on but it gets so hot it shuts off after a short period of time. We are afraid this will also cause a fire besides being unable to watch TV because it shuts off.

We called the company and we were told to call the place of purchase even though it specifically states on the box and on the instruction booklet do not return the converter to the store. We called the store as advised by the company and they told us "do not bring them back to the store because they have already taken some back and sent them to the company and they are unable to get their money from the company for the returned defective converter boxes". They advised us to call the company back, which we did. They told us to change the batteries in the remote which we did and this did nothing. They said that we can return them to their company but we have to pay the shipping and if they find nothing wrong with them then we will have to pay $10.00 to have them shipped back to us or purchase new converter boxes.

We would like two new boxes sent to us at their expense not ours. We do not expect to pay out of our pocket for their defective merchandise, after all this was forced on us to have to make this purchase in the first place. We would assume that the government would make the manufacturer stand by their product.

We would appreciate a response regarding our complaint. Thank you.

I'm really upset because I bought this piece of trash and my remote control broken after last then 1 month. I tried to talked to them and replace it, and after sending a looooooooooooooooot of information they told me they won't replace the remote. So, what I have to say is: DON'T BUY A PRODUCT THAT WILL LAST LESS THEN A MONTH! I wish I had read the reviews before buying it...now, reading the reviews I'm afraid the problem is not the remote but the converter reception.

Our 2nd box just bit the dust- they get so hot and just eventually stop turning on or just randomly turning off. I dont feel like ther is much more I can do besides buy one of the more expensive brands. The store I bought it from only carried one brand so I assume I'll have to go to an electronics store to have some choices. It's pretty ridiculous.

I bought four and three have already bit the dust.

Dieter Schmied

We bought one. It was a 1080. The problems began after the initial setup. First, it became sensitive to the other electronics, which suggests something inside is fried. Our audio developed a lot of static interference, even though we had not changed the configuration. Then it would not power up from the remote. We had to hit the power button on the unit. Finally, it stopped receiving altogether. The government is out of hand, and the taxpaying and voting public has been ripped off. You can't get a person on the phone. The physical address is listed as 7868 US Business Hwy. 70, Suite C, Clayton, NC 27520. May be somebody in that area can go over and tell them about this, and let the rest of us know what can be done.

We bought two boxes over a year ago. Just a few days ago the one we have been using for that length of time shut off and will not work. Now that we are using the second one we unplug it when not in use. Which is a lot because we get very poor reception. A storm cloud just has to appear on the horizon and we go form 19 channels to 3 that spit and sputter. Oh ya...this HD is a good thing. WHAT??

Same thing with me. I had SIX and all performed poorly.

How can we deal with this.

Dieter Schmied
[email protected]


I had the same problem, purchased at a CompUSA store in Florida. The store refused to exchange my defective device until I wrote an email to their corp. website complaining that their store receipt did not say no returns and that their website continues to sell the same item without such notice.

I promptly got an email from the store manager asking me to return the item and he would exchange it. Unfortunately, the new unit has the same problem... so don't waste your time.

Sorry... looks like we been had.

It's a shame HD Access is able to scam the govt. coupon program.