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On July 29 between 1:00 - 2:00, I walked in the beer store with my son and was treated horribly by an employee. There was a handwritten Bristol board stating that they were out of bottles of Corona, but had cans. I simply asked the gentleman for 12 cans of Corona and he told me they didn't have any. I responded that the sign stated that they were out of bottles but had cans. He was very rude and responded "I know what I have." I simply said "But your customers don't know because of what is written on the sign." I then asked for 24 bottles of Blue. He got on the microphone and said "24 Blue, AND TAKE YOUR TIME." I was standing by the conveyor belt, four other customers were served promptly before me. As my beer came through, the same gentleman pushed it with such a force, that if I hadn't spontaneously stopped it, it would have smashed right through the front window. I somewhat raised my voice and said " Easy boy." At which point he responded "Don't call me boy, get out of my store." Afraid of what this guy was capable of, coupled with the fact that my son was with me and I didn't want to create an even bigger scene, I simply said "Look, you almost broke my arm, and look how many witnesses are here." He got mad and yelled "GET OUT OF MY STORE AND DON'T COME BACK NO MORE, YOU WHITE MAN."

Both myself and my son are so bothered with this incident and are requesting that disciplinary action be taken to make sure that no one else is treated this way by this employee. I looked to see if he had a name tag but did not see one, but can easily identify him if I had a picture. I will not step foot into this store for fear of this guy losing it (sane people don't act this way).

I trust that you will take this matter seriously and let me know the outcome.


Cosimo Daniele
41 Lockheed Ave
Maple, Ont
L6A 1X9

Jul 30, 2018
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  • Cp
      Sep 28, 2018

    This is not an LCBO issue. Please deal directly with the Beer Store. They are not associated with the LCBO

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