LBC Express / tracking number [protected]

BACOLOD, Philippines

We returned an item with a tracking number [protected] last May 10, 2017 to be sent back to LAZADA for the second time since the item that they sent to us again was incomplete and the delivery date to manila was supposed to be May 11, 2017 as per the receipt but the LBC Lacson Bacolod branch held the item until May 16, 2017. They called my Mother asking for the reason why we are returning the item and my Mother told them that the item was incomplete that is why we are returning it. My father went to LBC Lacson Bacolod the next day May 17, 2017 to check if they already forwarded the item to LAZADA in manila since we have been waiting for the full refund that until now we are not receiving and he was told that the item was forwarded in LBC SF Bacolod, I also checked in your website online on the same day and I got the same information that the item was forwarded in LBC SF Bacolod. However, when I checked it in your website today May 19, 2017, it says no tracking details found for my tracking number!!! What is going on!!!??? Resolve our issue asap!!! This cost us a lot of hassle already!!!

LBC Express

May 19, 2017

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