LBC Expressnot following the instruction regarding the delivery of the balikbayan box.

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May 06, 2017
to the person who has the heart to serve lbc’s client to the fullest:
re: tracking no. [protected]
april 26, 2017-wednesday i called lbc advising them that no one is at the house so i must be advise of the delivery date to avoid inconvenience to the person who will deliver the box because i live at the 4th flr of the bldg and unfortunately we have no elevator so he has to use the stairs. My cell no was given and also with my daughter, landline no. Were also given at the house & office.
Again to ensure that my request will be granted, april 27, 201-thusday i called again. Same request. April 28, 2017-friday was a holiday. So i asked if you do delivery during holidays and the answer is no. May 01, 2017-monday-holiday but for no reason i check in the computer the status of the box, i was shocked to see what was posted “house closed dated april 30, 2017-sunday” may 02, 2017-tuesday i called again, for the nth time repeating again the situation and my request empasizing the reason for my request not only for myself but more so to the person who will do the delivery and at the same time my fear of the condition of the box because of the plight that it has to take and no one will receive it. I even request to speak to the officer in charge because it seems i keep on talking to the different agents but nothing is happening but i was declined so i have to be contented with the agent. May 03, 2017 –wednesday. I called again for clarity and confirmation that my request will be granted. Hoping that it will be delivered on that day, i was advised that by 9:00 the list of delivery for the day will be out already, so i was hoping that my box will be included. After lunch i was advised that my box was not included for the day. So i insist to really talk to the officer in charge to apeace myself and to get information that is firm, true and valid. After a long waiting i was granted a response from sir dane who promised and assured me that my box will be delivered on tuesday, may 09, 2017-tuesday, my own choosing as there will be someone to receive it. Taking his words and the position he has, i trusted him.
May 04, 2017-wednesday, i received a text from lbc the exact message is “lbc2. Hwag kyo aalis ah. My deliver kmi maya.” so i call back ask him why he is delivering the box bec. I have a clear request that it should be delivered on may 09, 2017-tuesday. His exact words was that “ no one advised them about the request” i felt so disappointed and frustrated because if that man did not have the courtesy to call me then same thing will happen like the 1st delivery attempt. Will you not feel the same as i did. I thought we understood each other about my request, is it because iam just a nobody that can just be taken for granted. If that will be your standard then you have to put in your advertisement that you only cater to those who belong to the upper class so that your service will be at the highest level.
I called again out of my frustration, again an agent answered me promising the same thing that they look into it and do the proper procedure. Again i insisted to talk to an officer and again waited for a long time and finally ms. Lovely answer, iam mad so my voice is not good already and she is reiterating again all the promises and script that they are suppose to tell a client. I even told her that she won’t like to see me in person to discuss about the box that iam expecting to receive.
May 08, 2017-monday, out of curiosity i check again the computer and there saw that the box was delivered again for the 2nd time without any call from lbc. I cannot comprehend nor understand why is it so hard to follow my request or is it your policy to do delivery as you will without any consideration to the recipient nor the difficulty of your men in doing their job. If that is the case, then i rest my case.
May 09, 2017-tuesday, i called again at 8585999 an agent answered, i asked for ms. Lovely just to confirm if the box will be delivered today as requested, the agent said yes, and ms. Lovely did not talk to me. What a great coordinator she is.
Lord and behold the box finally reached its destination for the 3rd delivery. And as per attached picture, you could see to yourself the condition of the box.
My sister told me that your services abroad is great. How come that here is not the same. Just asking????????

susan lalic montero

LBC Express
LBC Express
LBC Express

May 10, 2017
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      May 12, 2017

    Hi LBC,

    I just want to lodge a complaint regarding your customer service representatives for giving false information, for dropping the call and for being rude. I ordered a product from Shopee for a present and was shipped last Sun - 7/05/17. I was expecting that I'll receive the product on tuesday as it is usually 3-5 business days, but It was delivered last Mon 08/05/17. LBC went to our house but no one received the package, as we weren't expecting it. That night, I called your hotline and was promised that it will be redelivered on tuesday, I didn't go to work just to wait for the package but your courier didn't show. Then again, I called your Hotline and said that it will be redelivered if not on wed, It could be this thursday or Friday. I have been calling Lbc for a total of 6 times and all the representatives that I've spoke to are giving different information. One said that it will not be returened to seller as there's an escalation made. But, upon checking website, order status for my package will be returned to shipper, as courier attempt to redeliver it. But again, I make sure that someone will pick it up for me. It seens that your courier are also making false report on your end just to say that they did their job. But it seems that they didn't. I'm just frustrated with the customer service I experienced with your representatives, to think that I'm calling from Cavite to Manila using a long distance call.Can't they even think the inconvinience it has caused me. By the way here's the reference number : [protected]

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