LBC Express / lbc remittance branch sm hypermarket cainta branch

Cainta Rizal, Philippines


I would like to formally file a complaint on a certain LBC SM HyperMarket Cainta Branch Representative named Karen D. Datumanong. I have been sending and receiving remittances and express packages from LBC for a very long time, I even have an LBC ID, but It was only now that I had encountered such an arrogant, rude, and very disrespectful agent. She acted like she was the "Boss" in the said branch and didn't even greet or smile at me. Also when I arrived she just said "paantay natawagan". I was waiting for my name to be called then she asked me if I have another ID because my Philhealth ID is not accepted for Palawan encashments and she told me that she cannot process my encashment at all. My total encashment was for 1, 250. I told her I have never experienced having any problems encashing at LBC and its only her that would not encash my remittance at all. She was so rude and arrogant and didn't even explain it to me well or in a nice and respectful manner. I had asked her name and as if she was such in a hurry to write it yabang talaga.. she doesnt care that I would even write a complain on her and she even put her ID at my face. Attached is the picture of the LBC representative SM HyperMarket Cainta Branch. I would highly recommend that she undergo good customer service and learn how to talk back in a decent way. Napaka arrogante and yabang talaga. Is this the kind of service LBC provides to customers? Na parang kame pa mukhang kawawa at ang ahenta ang batas.. Please take some action on this. I would definately wait for a call back to express how I feel. Thank you.

Respectfully Yours,

Samantha Gochioco

Jun 10, 2017

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