LBC Express / lbc not on time!!! always delayed

San Isidro Nueva Ecija, Philippines

I have a parcel from Quiapo Manila to be pick up at San Isidro branch in Nueva Ecija. It was process on April 27, 2017 and its scheduled pickup written in the receipt was on April 28. I did not track the parcel because I'm expecting with the date that written in the receipt. Today April 29, I went to lbc San Isidro Nueva Ecija branch and my parcel was not there. The representative in lbc told me that the parcel was not yet received by the Cabanatuan branch and and then he tracked and he told me that that's the information he can gave because I told him that it was suppose to be yesterday. So nothing i can do just to be wait. I suggested that if there is a delay in delivering parcels they should inform us, your customers Our phone numbers are there in the receipt. So easy to call or send message for the delays.I complain now because this is not the first time it will happened it always happens to me. I will send the copy of the receipt. I hope you will fix that kind of situation. I have many things and work to do and its getting me angry because I paid the right amount and I deserve good service. Now I tracked the parcel and I think I will get it later. thank you.

LBC Express
LBC Express

Apr 28, 2017

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