LBC Expressdelivery of package in cebu city

My wife and I recently sent a package to Cebu City. The package was placed under my wife's name, Jhoana Liz C. Generoso (as shipper). The person who would be receiving the package is my father -in-law, Alejandro "Rudy" Calago. This package was sent around 5 PM of June 8, 2018 (Friday) at the LBC Express Office in Makati Avenue. As per discussion with the LBC representatives in that branch, the package was suppose to be delivered the following day in Cebu City. The shipping number for this package is [protected].

Actually, one of your guys who is in charge of the delivery did get in touch with the number my wife provided the following day (June 9, Saturday). Unfortunately my brother-in-law was not able to answer the call. He did, however, called the same number several times and even sent a text message. He did not get any reply either by text message or call as of now. The number I'm referring to here is [protected].

This morning (June 11, 2018) I called your toll free number and scheduled for a delivery. Your customer service representative told me that he made a request for the Cebu branch to deliver this package on the same day. As of 5 PM today, we haven't received any deliveries yet. I again called your toll free number also at around 5 PM today asking about the still undelivered package. Your customer service representative (whose name is IAN) gave some flimsy excuse for not being able to deliver the package. This is the reason why I'm writing down this formal complaint.

Let me just remind you that this is not the first time we have sent a package in the address stated in the delivery receipt. The previous times we sent packages to this Cebu City address we did not experience any problem. So as you can see here the delivery address is not an issue at all. The weather today here in Cebu is perfectly fine (compared to Manila). So the weather is also an issue here.

May I ask why are we experiencing delivery issues with this particular package? Did your guys here in Cebu found something "interesting" in the package?

I'll be waiting for a feedback from any of your authorized representatives and I hope I hear from you soon.

Jun 11, 2018

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