Lazy Boydelivery charge

P Nov 26, 2017

At our local Lazy Boy store, we made our choice, spending about 20 minutes discussing fabric, etc. After writing the bill, the salesperson told us the total was in excess of $100 above the advertised price. The explanation was taxes and delivery. Since I had my truck, I asked why I couldn't pick it up, with the explanation being that we were just in the showroom. I was then told that I could save the $100 by driving to the next state to the warehouse. When I asked then if I could pick it up at the store, I was told that there would be a savings of $60 (charging "only" $40 for the warehouse to store delivery) but I would have to load it myself. Their staff would only bring it to the door.
End of sale, we asked for a credit, and are now waiting for the credit card refund.

No more purchases will ever be made by us at a Lazy-Boy Store.

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