Lazada Southeast Asiano access to account after no access to lazada wallet issue for 3 weeks

I have complained that I have no access to Lazada Wallet for around two weeks and no one seams to know how to fix this. I have had a refund in the Wallet for around 2 weeks. No one can fix the account to give me access now today I am blocked from the account totally I tried the forgot password for access even though I know the password and it does not work so I can no longer access my Lazada account at all.

I want access to access my account and the 583 Baht in it or some way for me to order 583 Baht worth of product if needed I can supply Lazada with the items to order and they can order them and pay for them spending the 583 Baht they owe me. Problem solved. I opened this as a cash payment on receipt of goods with desire to remain anonymous suppling banking information and actual name is not an option. E-mail for this account [protected]

Dec 12, 2018

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