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They have you book rooms that are not confirmed yet not able to be cancelled, and don't tell you for days that you may not have a room. Some people have had the terrible experience of showing up at the hotel only to find that no reservations exist. In my case, I emailed the company 2 days before my trip and found out to my surprise that despite no message from lastminute, my reservation was with an overbooked hotel.

This is a classic bait and switch strategy -- the website list deals that either never existed, or have been sold out for weeks. Then when you don't get the non-existant cheap reservations, they try to sell you more expensive reservations that they can "guarantee".

If you search on the web, you will also see that many people report hidden fees and unannounced credit card charges. The company tends to put all their important info (i.e. their contract information, their FAQs, their extra fees and caveats) hidden in small print pop-ups. If you do not read the small print on every popup, you have no idea what you will be charged for. In my case, a pop up is what was supposed to inform me that despite my credit card information, and despite my agreement to not cancel my room even though I did not get an exact hotel name, that lastminute could let me know at any time that I did not in fact get a reservation.


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