Ladbrokes / theft by deception

30 Jackson Street, United Kingdom
Contact information:
Phone: 07722159164

I have been ripped off for £10 that I deposited into an account I opened today, I tried to place 2 x £1 ew singles and a £1 ew double and my bet would not get accepted due to the Traders I spoke to someone on the chat line called Joseph P who seemed O.K up until the last part of my enquiry when he then "Abruptly" told me I couldn't get the bet on as this was a decision by the Traders and was out of his control, he then Logged off without answering any more questions, I then phoned one of your support lines and spoke to a guy called Louie, who was also not very helpful. If my stakes were going to be Limited why allow me to open the account in the first place? I will go to the Ladbrokes shop today and Demand my money as you have taken that money from me under false pretences, and I don't see why I should have to wait 3 days to get what is in effect rightfully Mine. you have "Stolen my money" had I known I could not get a simple £1 ew double on. Do you honestly think I would have opened an account with you had I have known that? particularly when as a rule of thumb Ladbrokes are one of the worst bookies for prices the vast majority of the time, on this one occasion you were slightly better on one of the horses by a point, I will email my M.P (Helen Goodman Labour Party) on Sunday and ask what can be done about people being cheated out of money by you being able to take the money first and then discover the problem later, I will also ask why it takes seconds to deposit the money but at least three days to get it returned, I shall also have a word with Helen about those Machines, or as they are better known "Bandits" not dissimilar to the owners of the establishments. by the time you reply to this the matter will hopefully be solved one way or the other

May 22, 2015

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