on 30.04.2017 at 14.15 i visited ladbrokes at 744 lordship lane in woodgreen to place a football bet, I am not a regular gambler so i shade in my selections on the football slip provided an gave it to a young girl at the till she put my bet on and i asked her how much is it she was very rude and told me its my bet why am i asking her i explained to her that i am not a regular gambler she have such a bad attitude i told her theres no reason to be rude an everyone should be spoken to with respect, i asked her for her name as i want to make a complain an she never wearing a name badge she refused, i asked her for the address of the shop and again she refused, i asked a young man that was working with her he was just laughing saying he dont now i asked for the manager she told me she is the manager, i think ladbrokes need to retrain there staff if this is the way they speak to people.

Apr 30, 2017

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