Ladbrokes / someone using my girlfriends card

United Kingdom

I went online to make a complaint as my girlfriends card was being used on my account which hadnt been used for months they stated they would freeze the account and sent it to thraud team and also asked then to use diff email as the registerd one waa no longer in use he agreed to change ut .. Anyway day after i rang your office who said they couldnt change my email address without documents . I no longwe have that email address nd have no documents send in so donr kniw how im gunna know jow the case is going .
.. So basically youll let some one use a card not registerd in my name and take their money which shouldnt be aloud and in the rules it states ladbrokes wouldnt allow it but wont take a new email address im disfeaces as a regular gambler how you can juat take money ... This has happend a few times if everypenny isnt refunded that i have depoisted ever on my account by 25th may on my card inwill be taking this to.Watch dog as my uncle works there and maje sure no 1 i know nd they know ever gambles with yoy again .. So please for once do the right thing ...
My user name ashsam26
Email- [protected] but want you to send emails to [protected]

May 19, 2017

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