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On Sat., 3/18/17, I visited LabCorp in Freehold, NJ. There were many people waiting, which is typical. But what was not typical, and unnecessary, was that they checked many people in at one time, them lined us all up to wait standing in a hallway for about 30 min, rather than having us wait, seated. I have a knee injury, and I questioned this new procedure. "This is the way we do it" the woman said. But I've been there many times, and that is never the way they've done it before. While I was waiting, someone came in from outside and said that a woman on oxygen, who had just left LabCorp, fell in the parking lot. Their response to checking in on her was slow and uncaring. The people working there are callous, rude, and selfish. They have no patience for their patients. I was disgusted by their lack of professionalism and respect for their patients

Mar 19, 2017

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