La Senza / employee

You have an employee by the name of Sarah Parsons at the Orchard Park location in Kelowna, BC. She is the most unprofessional, and rude individual I have ever met in a retail setting. I have seen her at her previous job at Dynamite in the same mall and got nothing but the worst service I have ever received. Due to this individual working there I automatically stopped shopping there and told my friends and family to not shop there either due to the horrible service. It now saddens me that this company has hired her as well. She ruins any good experience I have had at LaSenza. I have ran into her at LaSenza in the past and today as well, as I was working at my place of work. She works in retail and she should understand that stores get busy and when there is not enough people working it is not the person that is helping you's fault. She created a scene in my store demanding service right away because she has been waiting more than long enough to be served at the cash registers. She works in the mall and should have more patience than that and a little more understanding for the person that is helping her. I personally felt hurt by the way she treated me in my place of work and LaSenza should really look into the person as a whole before just hiring anyone. It doesn't matter that she isn't in her place of work but people like myself can recognize her and she is still an employee of your company and she still does represent your company because you did choose to hire her. I do not appreciate being yelled at when it is out of my control, and I also do not appreciate rolling of the eyes and rude comments behind my back when I am in your store. I will never walk into LaSenza again if this individual is working and I will do the same and tell my family and friends to not shop here either. I have bought all of my undergarments for your company since I can remember but due to this I will be taking my business else where.

Mar 26, 2017

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