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La Quinta Inns & Suites / la quinta inn brandon fl falkenburg road

1 Brandon, FL, United States

So I needed a place to stay this seemed great at first then I leave for five mins to get my dog some food and I get called saying my dog is disrupting residents. Totally fine it's whatever I decide to go back to grab him and just get refunded because I literally just got there they said they had to charge me cuz he jumped on the bed and I wiped up urine off the floor with a rag. None of my rags were even touched but I blew it off. They eventually talked me into staying so I would get my money's worh so there would be no refund telling me to just not leave my dog unattended. I would just like to point out when I got back to my room the housekeeping made a comment to me about how loud he was being. Anyways it was all good and dandy. I call to ask what time early check out is to make sure someone will be down there for me to even be able to check out. The lady gets on the phone with me and is like what is early check out I'm like I mean if I check out before I'm supposed to... she goes it doesn't matter when you check out ur getting charged. I'm like I know that I was just trying to see if there was a certain time and she's like no it doesn't matter I still have to pay thanks and hung up. Extremely rude and annoyed because I've had a [censored] day as it is I already can't go anywhere because now I can't leave my dog unattended in a pet friendly hotel and then every time I ask a question they act like I'm trying to get something for free. This is ridiculous I don't appreciate being treated this way and I see the way they talk to others and maybe it's just cuz I'm young or don't have the nicest clothes Idk but they do not speak or treat me with the same respect and ever since I have gotten here I have felt like a burden. I'm currently still here but I'm pretty sure I'm about to say [censored] the 80 dollars and just go. When my husband took leave last year and got to come see me for Christmas we stayed at another location and it was great, but I will forever have a bad taste in my mouth for the la Quinta inn now. There was a Hispanic lady at the front counter earlier she was great but as for everyone else I'm done. Im Scared to speak to a manger because I don't feel like getting talked down to by these ladies and they also have my card on file lol. So sorry to send this minuscule problem on here but I am just upset.

La Quinta Inns & Suites

Oct 1, 2018

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