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On our 4 day ($1200) stay during bike week, we had a very poor experience with the staff effecting the overall quality of our stay.

Event 1

Upon arrival, we were told the room smelled like food, no big deal. After entering the room the smell was like rotten spaghettios which was obviously vomit.

Event 2

The room did not have a remote for the T.V. and we had to request a new one which came without the cover for the battery pack.

Event 3

On the first morning my 25 year old daughter and son-in-law went into the hot tub which had 6 other people in it already. After only 10 minutes a maintenance person came by and said "sorry, 5 person limit." My daughter and son in law told them they would volunteer to leave in a few minutes after they finish their drink. They were reminded less than 2 minutes later that they had to get out very rudely by the same person. For the rest of our stay we watched at least 15 kids, underage, drinking, playing loud music, throwing garbage everywhere, all crowded in the hot tub for the entire day--literally 10 hours at a time. The same mainteneance person would show up periodically to smoke a cigarette next to them, laugh, and never mention the "5 person limit" that they had with us.

Event 4

The remote was accidentally dropped and a small piece of plastic chipped off where the missing battery cover should have been protecting. After bringing it to the front desk and explaining what happened, the girl said it wasn't a big deal and we wont be charged. The same maintenance person came by and asked what happened. His response was "oh yeah, your going to get charged, " again, extremely rude mannered. I asked how much are you going to charge? His response was $50. This is for a cheap remote that they had a bucket full of behind the desk. Also if we were given one with a battery cover it would not have been broken. After arguing over the remote, we were promised to have no charges and he fished a remote out of the bucket with tape all over the back holding the batteries in. And then he said "try not to drop this one."

Because of this single maintenance person, we will not be returning to another LaQuinta resort ever again. We come to bike week every year and have had great experiences in the past and your establishment would have been our choice for future events. We have lots of friends that come with us and we would have recommended you. To show you the math of what this person has costed you, for the next 10 years, $12, 000 from myself alone, the amount of people in my group would equal that amount times 10, on top of anyone else that I warn about staying at La Quinta.

Mar 15, 2017

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