[Resolved] LA Fitness / girlfriend or wife

Hi, my name is Jason Corda. I am not angry or dissatisfied with the experience I had with La Fitness gym or Personal Training.

Only thing I don't accept their system. Means that I need a girlfriend to make the body. Or if I make the body I should run after girls.

I am not immature. I do recognize the importance of Testosterone and proper supplementation to acquire the physical appearance.

However, My community is the minority in Canada and in our country India also we don't have girls or should I say females. And the very few we have is low caste.

So I want a body. However, I am not sacrificing my sister or my future daughters in this bargain which is completely satanic.

I am currently in India for Treatment. I am not able to access LA Fitness website. But all I want to do is make Peace.

Thank you,
Jason Corda

  • Resolution statement

    LA Fitness has deleted my profile from their Computer System. Also, we do not want to use the gym because I am on Medication for my Mental Health. So anyways I cannot make the body. However, I will have to wait for the right time in the future to make that Body Builder Body. Thanks. JC.

Nov 27, 2017

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