Kwik Kar Lube & Tune / overpriced and scam artists

Houston, TX, United States

I went to Kwik Kar on Eldridge and W Little York because it was conveniently located near my house. I should have never gone to these guys to begin with. Last summer they quoted almost 600 bucks to replace my brakes on both axles. When I went to another mechanic they quoted me 125 each axle. How's that for overpriced? Anyways I needed a state inspection, and I foolishly thought: How much could they mess that up? My check engine light had come on the day before, and I asked the asst manager there to check and that and give me a state inspection. After 15 minutes he tells me I need an oil change too, I agreed to those services. 30 minutes later he comes in and tells me that he has to do a engine flush due to burnt oil build up or else he can't pass my inspection. I really just wanted to get this over with so I said yes without knowing it was an extra 100 bucks. Then he tells me my car wont pass due to the check engine light being on. Which was the first thing I told him. If he knew I wasn't going to pass why did he do the inspection anyways and made me pay him for it? All I wanted was an inspection and that turns out to be the only thing I could not get. Are you kidding me? and I had to pay 160 bucks and still couldn't get my inspection. He proceeds to tell me I needed to go to the dealership to get my check engine light looked at because they don't know how to fix that. Then he pulled me aside and said he could do something to pass me for 60 more extra dollars. That sounded so sketchy and illegal I immediately refused. I called my brother about this problem and he told me that most likely the light is on because my gas cap is not screwed on tightly. I did that, and lo and behold the next morning the check engine light went off. He also told me that all Kwik Kar did was not flush my engine just ran a solvent through to dissolve the gunk oil which would have only cost 30 bucks. They're ridiculous! I'm thinking of reporting them to the authorities for the $60 bride they basically asked for in order to pass my inspection. That really can't be legal.

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