Kuwait Airwaysunethical behaviour

M Oct 16, 2017

Dear sir,
I would like to register this complaint about your staff Reeta Antony in Cochin, Ravipuram office(Kerala). My son had ticket (Kuwait Airways)from Mumbai to Kuwait and we went to the Cochin office and requested Reeta Antony (Front office staff) to extend the ticket from Cochin to Kuwait instead of Mumbai to Kuwait. After checking the ticket she told us this ticket cannot be changed in India other than the ticket issued by the agency. But we did not understand by what basis she told us that the ticket cannot be changed because we know that this can be do it in any of the Kuwait Airways offices and many people have changed and travelled without any problems. Immediately we called Trivandrum office and enquired about this and they told us that they can do it. Again I enquired with the Trivadurm office, is there any restriction for them to do this ? They told us that there is no restrictions and this can be done in any Kuwait Airways offices. Again we approached Reeta Antony and we told her that we have checked this matter with the Trivandrum office and they told us this can be done in Cochin office also. But her reply was little rough and without checking with any higher authorities she told us if you want you can check with Trivandrum office and we cannot. We understand this refusal from her side is due to her lack of knowledge in this field( how to calculate the difference ) we suggest you to check her qualification and experience and if necessary sent her for proper training. When she refuse this matter, which she can do, she does not understand the trouble of a customer going here and there. It was not very easy to go from Cochin to Trivandurm (more than 300 kilometers) Since it was not possible to reach the Trivandrum office on the same day before their office time, second day we went to Trivadrum office we were wondering the approach of the staffs between Cochin and Trivandurm.The Trivandrum office behaved in a very decent way with us and they change the ticket according to our requirement and we paid extra charges to them and they issued the ticket and wished us a happy journey. Our rating for Trivandrum office is 100/100 and Cochi 0/100 this is due to Reeta Antony. If she is not having much of a knowledge in this field, please ask her to check with a knowledgable person how to do it, instead of troubling the customers.
We hope, you will see this matter seriously and necessary action will be taken.
Thanks and Regards

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