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I purchased a 4 pack of lemon Crystal Light Iced Tea. I made the tea and it was raspberry tea. Tried another packet. Same thing. I buy the same lemon tea weekly and have never had an issue but looks like the raspberry tea was mispackaged and mislabeled.

Crystal Light lemon iced tea
4 pitcher pack container
29 Nov 2018
10:22 DB0511
UPC [protected]

Kraft Foods
Kraft Foods

May 16, 2017
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  • Di
      Apr 22, 2019

    22/April/2019 Peach Iced Tea. The packets do not contain peach iced tea powder. The first 2 packets I made of the container tasted like they had the taint of raspberry in them. I was disappointed, but the taste was close enough to the regular flavor that I thought I'd just discard the first container and go to the second one that I purchased. The first packet that I made out of this second container is a bright pink color and definitely tastes like pure pink lemonade. I don't like this flavor and would like a refund for both of the packages that I purchased. Both have the same printing on the bottom for lot identification: 13 JAN 2021 DB0405:58 18

    What has happened to the control of the quality in their manufacturing facility? Lately I've had problems with unsealed packages and now the incorrect label on the product. Their manufacturing quality has severely deteriorated of late.

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