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I want to make this complaint regarding driver's bad attitude and bring attention to everyone about the serious issue in service by konsortium bus number AJH 5133...
Destination:from alor star to kampar
Time 31/07/2016 10.30am departure time
The incident was happened at bus station kemunting. The bus had arrived and started to drop some passengers whose destination was there . I took this advantage of dropping time to go for pee. Then i spoke to the drvier that i wanted to go to toilet and he said"faster, faster, i didnt stop here"... So i went quickly to toilet and came back as soon as possible(not more than 3minutes) .When i returned, i was looking for my bus. After i found my bus, i realized that the bus was starting to move...then i immediately run to catch for the bus but the bus didnt stop for me!!!When i ran near to the bus door, the driver juz opened the door for me WITHOUT stopping!!! After that i was like jumping instead of boarding to the bus. Yet the driver still acting like nothing and scolding on me "why are u so slow one?faster, faster we running out of time" the bus driver drove the way like he was going to reincarnation...what if i fall down from the bus stair while i was jumping into the bus?what if i do not catch up the bus and my items in the bus all gone? How konsortium compensate for me? Nevertheless, the bus driver stopped at the toll rest station and go for toilet for almost 15minutes 😡😡😡... All i wanted is just give heavy penalty to this bus driver!!! This is probably my last time for enjoying konsortium bus station service and...This is my advice to Konsortium company, if you want to retain your customers, you better keep an eye on each drivers services and behaviours to avoid black sheep from tarnish your reputation.
*sorry for my broken english

Jul 31, 2016
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