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Kodak ESP C110 printer / printhead replacement frequency

1 Shepperton, England, Middlesex, United Kingdom

the Kodak ESP C110 printer model in the subject line is a crap product. we got the kodak ESP C110 because the replacement ink cartridges were cheaper than the competition. however, there was no indication that the printhead needs to be regularly replaced, & Kodak only provides that free of charge for 90 days after purchase.

2 weeks after buying the printer, the color ink ran out. we bought a new cartridge, replaced it, & the printhead stopped working. since it was within the 90 day period, they kindly provided a free replacement printhead. 6 months after the printhead was replaced, the black ink ran out. we bought a new cartridge, replaced it, & the printhead stopped working again! this time, they wouldn't replace it (£27.09 incl. VAT), & suggested that when the printer is not being used, we should leave the cartridges in the printhead so it doesn't dry out? why would ANYONE remove the ink cartridges when not using the printer?!

with this kind of pattern, if I replaced the printhead 4 times, I would spend the same amount as the printer itself costs in about 2 years. if you add in the speed with which the cartridges empty, requiring cartridge replacement (£12.99 excl. VAT for black 30XL, £14.99 excl. VAT for color 30CL), it'd be more cost effective for us to buy a new printer every 6 months!

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