Kodak ESP-9 PrintersFalse Out-Of-Ink Message


I have a Kodak ESP-9. I have purchased 8 color cartridges in the last 4 months and as many black cartridges. This is the only printer I have and was desperate to have it work, obviously. I have had the printer replaced twice. After seeing commercials for the Kodak ESP-9 printer in July 2010. I checked the ink costs and purchased one from your TV commercial. I used it only 3 times at one week of owning it the printer said it was out of color ink. Even though there was black ink left and it had printed fine the last time I used it, the printer locked itself in standby mode. I found this very suspicious and took apart the ink cartidge to find all of the sponges damp with ink (enough to stain my fingers). I contacted Kodak where I was instructed to purchase a new color cartridge, well, the printer wasn't happy and I also had to purchase a black cartridge as well. I also checked into refilling the cartridges and found they are electronically disabled to prevent future use. After installing new cartridges I disabled all color printing through control panel/print options (Jan). March 3rd 2010 I wanted to print two photos and went in my settings to allow color printing. Even though the new color cartridge had never been used the graphic shows that 1/4 of the color ink is gone which is the exact amount of black ink gone. After I printed the two photos it dropped even more and once again I have suspended color printing. It is my opinion that these printers are programmed to report false ink levels to the consumer to ensure the sale of Ink cartridges. The fact that they advertise how they will save you money is a fraudulent claim. After contacting Kodak via phone and email I could find no help on how to reactivate a disabled cartridge if it was refilled or still had ink left. Several phone calls to customer service told me it happens when the printer is left on when not in use as the ink dries out; I do not EVER leave the printer on. She told me to take out the print head and put it back in. Nothing customer service tells me has worked to make my cartridges last. It is appalling when I have to replace the color cartridge in one week and have only printed 5 sheets of Googe Maps!! Absolutely appalling! It is easy to see that the printer isn't monitoring ink levels at all or a refilled cartridge would work the same as a new one. After reviewing all literature available at the time of purchase no where does Kodak inform its consumer of this deceptive strategy.

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