KLM Airlines / least child friendly?

I was traveling from Portland Oregon to Istanbul, Turkey with an Amsterdam connection with my three year old son. My son did great on the Portland - Amsterdam trip, earning compliments from the flight attendants in the PDX flight. However, after nine hours of flight and two hours of wait for the connection, he started to act like a three year old. He fell asleep in his stroller, woke up when boarding, and started crying. I was trying to carry my carry-on bags, deal with the stroller and help my son go inside. The flight attendant greeting passengers into the plane had two questions for me: 1) What is wrong with him? and 2) Are you going to be able to get him under control?

Are you kidding me? People with no kids and no empathy are ending up as flight attendants. You can ask something like "Can I get him anything?" without insulting the kid and the parent at the same time. Needless to say, my son calmed down once we sat down, but I was grouchy the entire trip.

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