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Kirby Vacuum / Awful experience

1 41548 Eastman Drive #CMurrieta, CA, United States Review updated:
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Icor Engineering, a.K.a 'Kirby' vacuum sweepers recruits under false promises, lies by omission, reps go out without business license and are required to have one. Hard for potential employee to research under their a.k.a names, which are nationwide (and all different)... like sub companies. Hard to believe Warren Buffet owns parent company and Scott Fetzer (Fetzer wineries) I believe owns this franchise. I plan to report them to the District Attorney, as well as will proceed to enlist class action suit nationwide. After reading many reports negative about Kirby, each report reflects at least one experience I had and everyone in our class. None of which are left after two weeks. Kirby should be fined heavenly for the misuse and predatory manner of their hiring practices. They promised we were on a W-2 (later it was a 1099). They had us bring in our drivers licenses and drivers licenses and complete paperwork (not protecting them from their practices) but asked several times for copies of what we signed, as did others and they would not provide. They said we would have a company vehicle to use, but it had to be returned by the end of each day... it turned out to be a broken down old van. The 'crew leader' drives the five or six of you dumped into the van and dumps you off in some neighborhood to hoof it from 11:00 AM to sometimes midnight, while he sits somwhere with Kirby's in the van awaiting a call from a rep that they have a demo lined up in some home. No facilities to use. You have to ask the homeowner to use their restroom. We were told leads would be provided to us. Wrong. Our leads were knocking on doors and being expected to do 72 demos per month to get a $2, 600 guarantee base. Impossible!!! Kirby owns you from Tuesday through the week-end, and then you have Monday off. Only then can you hit referral business you may have personally. Their sales techniques are hard sell and actually tell you to gently push through the potential customer's front door, when opened and get in quickly by commenting on their carpet.

The employees there looked like they just got out of jail. The most unprofessional group I have ever seen. The 'manager' was a greasy, but wealthy, sack of wind and must have sold many used cars.

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  • Co
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    I have had so many problems with KIRBY!!
    A sales person came around to my door and when I told her no thanks she put her foot in my door pleading me to at least let her show me it so she made her $20.00. I said no she pleaded with tears. So soft fearted me said fine but I CAN NOT BUY ANYTHING!!! I am unemployeed and living off one income. After she left she sent someone else back and they threw dirt on my floor which my carpet was only 3 weeks old. They then threw baking soda on my carpet. They showed me how to vaccum and such I said GREAT but I can not afford this thing. I continued to say no. This girl was good she put guilt trips on me and everything and when I continued to say no she took my 8 year old daughter up to her bed and showed her the pictures of bed bugs and told her she had them in her bed. She vaccuumed the bed and Yeah dirt was vaccumed up but it was more lint and dust HELLO we just moved in things get dusty when moving. Then My daughter in tears looked at me and told me MOMMY I can't sleep in my bed if you don't buy this thing. I don't want to get those things. So the girl offers me a deal of $10.00 down and $40.00 a month. I say ok lets talk this out more. I then sit with her and she tells me the cost is going to be $910.00 hey great price but I can't afford it she goes ahead and calls it in and leaves. Then Sunday morning I email the company from their website and tell them I do not want this thing and to come get it. I called their office on Monday left a messege and never heard anything back. I left 2 other messeges and then on Thursday I finally hear back from someone and am told that it is past my 3 day trial period. I then tell ehr I sent an email and I had called several times. She said sorry we don't have any emails from you. HOW convienent NOW they tell me I am STUCK with this bulking pile of junk that won't even pick up peanuts scraps. My Eurika does better than this... WHAT THE HELL DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!!

  • An
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    Hey all. I was hired by Kirby here in Indiana. I attended the informational meeting and right away I knew it was a bunch of bull! I am an educated woman afterall. They promised 4 4 day vacations per year paid for by the company for you and one guest at 4 plus star hotels and all expenses paid (to places like Las Vegas). They bragged that the company cars you would travel around in cost at least 60, 000. They said that you would make at least 550 a week even if you made no sales (afterall, they claim all you do is demonstrate usage of the product). They brag about driving new Corvettes every year and Hummers. They say that most people make 4, 000 a month working for them demonstrating vacuums. All this sounded too good to be true. Then I read online that you are not provided with leads like they say and that you are dumped off in a neighborhood for hours to fend for yourself. My relative was tricked into purchasing a Kirby many many years ago and said it SUCKED. The price of them sucks, they don't work well etc... I am sick of their lies. I have seen the cars there of the upper management after work hours when I drive by headed home from the movies or such and they are all LEMONS.

  • Co
      4th of Sep, 2009
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    Just browing the internet on experiences people have had with the Kirby company. So far I haven't found one positive experience, So I thought I would be the first. Let me say that I 100% understand that some of these people who had these bad experiences did not enjoy the door-door commission based entry level Sales. However can you show me one person who would tell me that would say YES they love selling vacuums cleaners to people in their homes on commission working long hours going door 2 door. In addition to that there are so many professional people who do the same type of approach, Like a realtor who says let me give you a free-in home evaluation. The goal is to list their property isnt it? I can think of so many different example but do not have the time to do so. So what's my point? People hate to be sold! but love to buy! You are not angry at the company, you are angry that you got sold an opportunity but you could simply not follow through the steps it takes to be successful. I'm sorry that you have to sell a kirby to pay for your rent or diapers bills, etc. In that frame of mind you will make sales but will not build a career, Start taking responsibility for your failures, dissapointments or setbacks it's not too late.

    I am in the Kirby Business, I have 3 daughters ages 3. (Triplets) and am supporting my family on a single income while my wife enjoys financial freedom.

    The business is not for everyone, if it was easy we all would be doing it. Great effort in trying the opportunity, but stop making weak excuses because some of us do and still do SUCCEED in selling vacuum cleaners door 2 door on commission.

    It's a business!

  • Si
      7th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I absolutely hated working for Kirby. It was 9:00- usually midnight. The lady who drove us home was drinking, texting, talking on the phone, smoking and speeding through san diego all the way home. There is no overtime, or hourly wage just 2600 flat for doing 80 demos a month. We're supposed to have people who go out and get appointments, well they get lazy and have the people who demo go get the demos and do the demos. While they do nothing. Theres no taxes taken out, but thats because you have to do it on your own when taxes come out. They lied to get people to come by saying "warehouse openings" and did the interview without telling you what you're doing. You sign so many papers and they don't explain it to you. Its basically free labor. They do ### while you go out and make their money. If someone is on commision and the Kirby gets sold for under a certain price you make nothing, but the guy who comes in and finishes the sale (because the demo person doesnt finalize any sale) will make money regardless and the guy who owns the warehouse makes a bunch of money. The vaccuum is not worth 3000 at all. Its a great vaccuum but the way they do business is dirty, the way they treat employees is dirty. But at the same time we're not really employees, we're self employed yet we still have to do everything they say or no pay. less than 80 demos a month=no pay, nothing at all. Im glad I quit and I recorded the driver coming home at night, and what she was doing and how fast she was going on my phone, and you can hear everyone saying stop, slow down! The only reason the van didnt tip over is because of all the Kirbys we had. She also has no license but Kirby certified her to drive. Thanks Kirby! They dont care about anyone but themselves. The type of people that could work for them are; Greedy, mean, selfish, low-lifes with no soul. All the men who I worked with had gf's and babies but they were always bad talking them and talking about having sex with other people, including one girl who was there, her and the sales finalizer guy were always touching eachother in inappropriate areas while I was sitting right there. Gross and disgusting.

  • Si
      7th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Oh and, Im a young women, and married. They dropped me off in basically a slum lord neighborhood in the bad part of San diego and left me there I was there for hours until I actually got a demo. There were guys walking around saying horrible things, I honestly felt like I was going to get raped being out there in the dark alone.

  • Ch
      12th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    WOW - another positive comment coming your way. I'm 34 - and was BLESSED to start working for Kirby at the age of 19. I'm well aware that there are horrible people out there - as well as wonderful people. It's apparent to me that the negative comments here have come from people who OBVIOUSLY worked for the horrible people. Just as you might get an unplesant employee/employer at any other company - Kirby has their share too.

    In my experience... the owner of the company I personally worked for has borrowed money to so many employees - and RARELY gets any back. He's not out to rip anyone off - and is an outstanding member of the community our office is located in. In fact, he was born & raised there. He's been a Kirby Distributor for 30+ years now and is a very respected man.

    I started as a telemarketer - then a telemarketing manager - and after working for Kirby for so many years - I had my boyfriend try his hand at sales 2 winters ago when he was laid off. It was amazing to watch what happened next.

    Here we are. 2 years later. We own our own Kirby store - have our own sales reps - in a small town where my boyfriend was born & raised. (We're both in our mid 30's). We are financially stable - have 5 children and both work for our own company.

    We don't cheat people out of money. We don't lie to employ. We don't sell vacuums door to door. We DO however make well over $20, 000 a month profit and are having the time of our lives doing so!

  • Mo
      27th of May, 2010
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    This is in regard to the Kirby Sales & Service located at 41548 Eastman Drive Ste. C Murietta, CA. As most of the others my scenario started when a young girl came to my door wanting to know if I would like to have my carpet cleaned. For Free! Of course. Then moments later two guys come to my door. So I figured... great carpet cleaning. He did a wonderful "sales pitch" and a good carpet cleaning. After listening to the spiel and talking to my sister (who has had a Kirby for the past 15 years) I thought ok. Well the price started at $2995 and went down, that should have been my first clue. Anyways I purchased the vacuum for 1580 out the door. Which was a SPECIAL ONE TIME OFFER!!! Right... Seeing how that was exactly what my sister (who was on the east coast, not west, where I was) paid the same price. Anyways, I read the small print on the contract and did exactly what i was suppose to do, return contract to them within 3 days. Someone then came to pick up the cleaning system. Now... I can't get my money back, so I am without product and MY MONEY!!! I have received a partial payment. which was originally paid in the form of a check) However, every time I speak with someone in the financial department. I get some crazy run a round answer. I spoke with someone new today and was informed that the financial manager would be calling me. I informed the lady that I looked forward to hearing from them before close of business today or my attorney would be contacting them and I would be at their office on a daily basis until I received my full refund. Just like their contract says.

    I think they are a rip off unfortunately the vacuum cleaner is a wonderful product but the poor business practices is what gives them a bad rap. I definitely would NOT recommend the Kirby Sales & Service in Murietta, CA. They go everywhere... as I live in San Diego.

  • Fr
      23rd of Jul, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I was mislead from the get go…First I responded to an ad in the newspaper claiming Customer Service Rep for a rapid expanding or growing company (ICOR Engineering, Murrieta, CA). I called and ask if I could come in the very same day for an interview. With the economy I was surprised that they had not already filled those positions. I came in and was told that it was an entry level position and the company sold floor cleaning products and I would be assisting/answering questions to costumers about the floor cleaning products the represent. Which they were under or associated with the Kirby Corporation and the primary product they sold was the Sentria. I was floored when they told me I WOULD BE MAKING $2600 PER MONTH doing this. Wow I’ll come on board and do it then right?

    They called me a day later and said that I had made the cut and that I was being considered for management in 90 days. I went to the training on the first day and discovered the Sentria was the latest Kirby vacuum model and I was not a customer service rep but a salesperson for the Kirby distributor. First red flag! But I stayed on to listen to their training and see what it was all about. The training was a joke, it was just learning how to demo the vacuum and what to say or do in certain scenarios to sell the vacuum. We were told that the $2600 per month was solid because all we had to do is 80 demos in a month regardless if even if we did not sell a single vacuum. I had to come in professional attire and came in a shirt and tie. When I went out the first day with the team of six, I was shocked the only person in professional attire was the manager. Everyone else was in regular casual attire!

    They explained that we would not be door to door sales that we would have appointments set up by an appointment center (Right!). The hours would be long but no having a job made the sacrifice worth the money. Working six days a week! 10-14 hour days! The sales pitch was easy, the Kirby vacuum is a great product and I believe in the product. The issue I have is with the distributor and how misleading the whole group and how the sales actually take place. The call center none existent. I ended up going door to door handing out fliers and asking people if they wanted a FREE carpet shampoo. I ended up clean two carpets and was sweating like a pig in my shirt and tie. So much for being a customer service rep, I was a laborer for free. I did not want to go back and continue to work like a laborer for 6 days a week.

    I was also told the management was help us the first couple of days in getting established and sort of guide us on the first couple of demo (Right!). The management and appointment persons were the most unprofessional, immature and foul mouth youths I ever encountered. Not only did the manager just dumped me by myself to do my first demo but expected a sale when the appointment gal promise the customer a free carpet shampoo and did not mention the demo. The costumer got upset and kicked me out in about 20 minutes because she wanted the carpet shampoo and not the demo. Now stuck on the curb waiting for the young manager to return to pick me up in the 90 degree heat with equipment next to me. The manager asked why I did not go next door and see about doing their carpet. I wanted to quit right there and walk home like 7 mile away and keep the equipment for my time spent as a free laborer.

  • Jc
      26th of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    That is pretty much exactly what happened for me as well, when I worked for the murrieta office.

  • As
      8th of Apr, 2011
    -1 Votes

    A free carpet cleaning offer came to the door...decided to let let them in. Bought the machine (sentry, awesome!) but over spent and felt weird about it...looked online that next morning and saw we had been ripped off terribly! We negotiated down with the girl selling but by nothing compared to online prices. They had a check from us for $2900 complete system and took our vacuum (oreck) away with them claiming it took $300 off the price of the unit, also wanted referral names and phone numbers. So next morning canceled my check to the bank, told them it was a scam company. Mailed off my cancellation paperwork certified next day since there was no phone numbers listed anywhere...they didn't even have my cell number nor did I have even the sales lady number or contact info. Only later that day some company with an unusual name contacted my mom who was my referral, she asked what the number was for me so that I could contact an actual person to cancel...I spoke to a person today after letting them I know I could get this unit less online and that I spoke to another rep for Kirby in my area and said he would sell it for a lot less... Told her I would keep it for $900... She agreed, we made arrangements for today for her to come at 7pm...waited and waited, tried her cell number she gave me's 10:30 pm and no one came. Off to bed. We haven't used the machine so there will be no discrepancy if we tell them to just come get it and we will buy elsewhere...why buy from crooks? They are such dishonest people! Anyways, they don't have my money thankfully, but it's still stressful waiting to see if and when they plan to come take it or I buy it for sooooo much less. Hope this helps everyone...use checks!!!

  • Li
      12th of Apr, 2011
    +1 Votes

    No doubt kirby vacuum is awesome vacuum there is no such vacuum like this. I have been to many countries and seen different kinds of houses with different kinds of vacuum cleaning. But speaking of kirby vaccum this the only vacuum in the world that you can count on. Don't have any regrets of owning this kind of vacuum. Now, considering the negativity concerning kirby... bear in mind always actually the problem occurs is isn't the " kirby " name. It maybe the salesman or the distributor approach that makes very inhuman to the community. Well, the main reason of this maybe the salesman or the distributor is hungry of money. So for us consumer or buyer the best way to handle for that is to tell them the best reasonable price or else i get and tomorrow cancel it.

  • Ho
      18th of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I realize that not everyone can have a positive experience with Kirby..but i have! and i also noticed that most of the complaints are coming out of california. i live in texas and i honestly have made the best friends i will ever have working with kirby. no one ever lied to me about how much i make, or the hours...they tell you, but its up to you to listen and soak in the information. i am fixing to promote to team leader and i couldnt have asked for a better opportunity.


  • Se
      1st of Nov, 2011
    -2 Votes

    this is Lie... it look like a junk!!! all these are so lie try sped all money... all these need move to China we need to Move China!! all people try fool at you.. never know they made of junk it was look like 200 or 300 less money. than spend all money is real No that so false.. So i think Company need shut down going out business. we should Move to China Manufacturing right a good idea!!! these company is so ### and Lie.. i don't tush them.. please Do not buy!! Save your money!!!

  • Wo
      9th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I am so worried about all of the complaints! My son just got hired at the Murrieta, California office and I'm wondering if maybe he is just getting the run around from these people. I certaintly hope not but, we have heard so many negative things from neighbors and on the internet about them not paying their employees. They are telling him they will pay him 150.00 per week until the last week of the month they will pay him the remainding of 1800.00 (base pay). Sounds too good to be true!!! He is suppose to get his first check (150.00) this tuesday. Will see what happens. I will keep posting as the weeks go by...Regards, Worried Mom

  • Do
      12th of Jan, 2012
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    ACE distributor in Murrieta needs to train their salesmen all about Kirby's code of ethics. This distributor dropped off some 20 year old salesmen in a white van yesterday and started banging on the front door even though the "NO SOLICITING" sign was posted. I told them I was not interested and to read the sign, the 20 year old male became confrontational claiming he didn't see the sign and I was a "###", I told him to leave my property or I will call the Police, he said I don't scare him and to go ahead while he waits at my front door for them! The police said there was no law against solicitors but being he was in a threatening manner, they would send someone out.
    He left when I told him the police were on their way yelling as he walked away and said he will be back later tonight!, if this is the kind of people Kirby hires to represent them, there is something seriously wrong.
    As a result, I have notified our city council and mayor to consider enacting strict solicitation codes requiring licensed personnel to prevent this kind of incident from ever occurring again.

  • Wo
      24th of Jan, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Hello, I am "Worried Mom in Hemet". They are LIARS and sacks of ###!!! They never paid my son 150.00 a week...blah, blah, blah or a single dime! If you like to work from 9am to 10pm everyday except for one day out of the week AND NOT get paid what they said then go ahead go work for these sacks!!!

  • Da
      25th of Feb, 2012
    +1 Votes

    this comment is for "worried mom in hemet".. is this a place called u.s.c.i on eastman drive suite c in murrieta? my name is laura and i just went in for a job interview yesturday and they told me i got the job and i start my training on march 1st. so this is all a scam? what excactly was your son required to do for them? and after the first week of work they didnt pay him? what did they say to him?.. thank you, laura :)

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