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Kirby Vacuum / Lifetime warranty

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There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my vacuum was sold with a lifetime warranty! Kirby would have me believe that I was mistaken... No one will spend $2600.00 hard earned dollars for a vacuum unless it offers a lifetime warranty. Having said that, I have no choice but to file a lawsuit against the company and am seeking others who have been wronged by this fraudulent, scamming company to contact me so that we can file a class action lawsuit, (To this date I am not aware of there being one already filed although I see that many people including former canvassers have good cause to sue the company). I purchased the vacuum because back in the 70s my grandmother spent an exorbitant amount on the vacuum despite my grandfathers wishes because of the lifetime warranty which to my knowledge, she never had to use. Lifetime warranty promise not delivered. Please contact me if you want to join in the lawsuit at larijleonard@yahoo.com don't let them continue to manipulate and exploit customers, canvassers and others!
Nov 13, 2015


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  26th of Aug, 2016
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I have the same problem. I purchased my Kirby 4 or 5 years ago, and it quit working a few months ago. It wasn't a big deal at the time, but I need to get it fixed now. When I called a local Kirby shop, I was informed that it was out of warranty.

This is bull, because the only reason I purchased the machine was because it was supposed to come with a lifetime warranty. I was not even considering paying the crazy price until they told me that it had a LIFETIME warranty. I was told that I could even drop it off a cliff, and send in the remains, and they would either fix it or replace it free of charge. I was able to justify a lifetime warranty like that, because that meant I would never spend another dime on a vacuum.

Now it is broken, and I'm being told that the lifetime part was complete bull. I'm contacting the corporate office, but if they do not honor it, I'm completely on board with this class action suit.
  17th of May, 2017
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The morally bankrupt salespeople lie and say it's a lifetime warranty because they work for 100% commission and are desperate. The truth is, and it can be found on the Kirby site, is that it is a limited 3 year warranty.
  11th of Jul, 2017
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I recently purchased a Kirby and was also told it was a lifetime warranty. I will gladly join you in your efforts to get you a new vacuum..These salespeople should not lie or make false promises as such bull crap!
  22nd of Aug, 2017
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I live in Canada so I'm not sure if I can be a part of this class suit. I had the same experience where I was told it has a lifetime warranty, however when I checked with kirby, their warranty is only for 3 years for parts and free labor. How can I join?
  22nd of Aug, 2017
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I too was told lifetime warranty
I will join you!
  27th of Aug, 2017
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we were told the same thing, guaranteed for life. the sleaze bag salesman even went so far as to state that this applies to all Kirbies in existence. I mrecently got an older one at an estate sale, which is why I wanted to check on this warranty. The vacuum still works, but it's good to get the facts. just knowing that we were lied to makes me angry and want in. " Never have to buy another vacuum " was the only reason we paid so much for it. Btw we have purchased vacuums since then
  5th of Dec, 2017
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My ex boyfriend worked as a Kirby salesman and he assures me that they are told as salesmen that there is a lifetime warranty. My Kirby sentria just quit about 10 minutes ago and if I find this warranty to be untrue I'm going to have a lot to say about it.
  6th of Dec, 2017
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@Tina Nieves Go to the Kirby website. Tells you in plain English there is NO lifetime warranty, just a limited 3 year warranty.
  17th of Mar, 2018
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I used to sell kirby and part of our speech was that we are so confident in our product that unlike all the other brands/vacume company's who will only give a 3 year warranty our has a lifetime
  27th of Mar, 2018
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I will happily join in your class action law suit. I have owned my Kirby for four years and have used it less than 20 times because it is a piece of garbage. It never worked well and when I did use it I constantly had to clean it. I too was told that there was a life time warranty so I was not concerned about getting it fixed until now. I am moving and wanted to clean the carpets in our bedroom but I just checked out the Kirby website and seen that it say there was only a three year warranty. I have been waiting for someone to bring a class action lawsuit against them.

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