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R Nov 22, 2017 Review updated:

I purchased 2 Kirby vacuums a couple months ago from a door to door sales lady. I have no complaints about the system however I am very unhappy with a few things that were not disclosed at the time of sale.
We purchased 2 with the intentions of selling one to help pay for the first because there was a deal of buy one get one at a lesser price. We even told the agent that we may seem the second on eBay or Craigslist. She informed us we were able to do this. Apparently that is not the case because when I listed it the Kirby company was very quick to send me a message telling this was against the "rules". So now I'm stuck with 2 Kirby systems!
Also she said someone would contact us about 3 weeks after we bought it to teach us how to use the shampoo system and I haven't heard from anyone her and it's been 2 months. Still waiting to use it to wash my rugs which was the biggest reason I bought it. Honestly if I would go back in time I wouldn't have made this purchase! And if anyone was to ask I would tell them my experience.


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      Nov 23, 2017

    Unless it's girlscout cookies, don't buy anything from a door to door peddler. The majority of the $ you paid for those Kirbys was for built in layer of commissions for multiple people, not the actual product itself. I see Kirbys for sale ALL THE TIME on ebay and craigslist, so I am unclear as to how/why Kirby can block you from selling it.

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