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Kirby / Vaccum Cleaners

1 Long Leys Road, Lincoln, England, Lincolnshire, United Kingdom Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 01522 543992/01522 589560

I am writing this complaint for the benefit of everyone that may be thinking about buying a Kirby in the future or working for them.

I recently worked for Kirby for 2 months and it was probably the worst 2 months of my life! All the members of staff that work there are rude, pretend to be something that they are not and disrespectful. I was almost 100% sure that my team leader was on speed because of the way he was all the time. The hours are long and difficult - from 8am till 2am every day.

Whilst working at Kirby, my Grandma sadly passed away and it was sudden death. Me and my mother got a phone call in the morning by my grandad saying that she was dead. We went over there and about an hour later i got a phonecall of my boss shouting and screaming down the phone asking where i was. I tried to explain myself but I was unable to. Eventually when i did he was like o right well you have to be in tomorrow otherwise you lose your job so i had no choice. That meant i was unable to even grieve for my gran properly!

They make out on the first time they ever meet you that its the best thing ever and you'll never find an opportunity like the one that tey are offering... true... i dont know many other businesses that ruin your life! If you dress in a suit when you go to the interview then you've got the job. Its as easy as that. In the 2 months whilst i was there, they fired something like 100 members of staff which i think is riddiculous!

They convince all the members of staff that its a good thing preying on old people which i totally disagree with. Their selling tactics are riddiculous. I was working as part of a small team and my team leader always tried to close the sale at the end. He was rude and disrespectful and on one incident he was that rude that someone punched him! Old people cannot afford to be spending £2500 on a vaccum cleaner.

Dont get me wrong, Kirbys are amazing its just the way that they go about selling them and the price of them. There were two tests that wer had to do... 50 times test and salt test. The SEBO is probably just as good as the Kirby! And a lot cheaper!

There was one occassion that I had to leave because the pressure selling was too much. This lady's husband had just died and my team leader was like "would your husband of liked it?" "would he of bought one for you?"

If you do end up buying one for any reason, there is a 2 WEEK CANCELLATION PERIOD. When you are signing the receipt, read it properly! There should be three pieces of paper and you should always end up with two. One is a cancellation piece of paper and one is just a carbon copy of the conract of the sale. Ive seen on websites like this that everypone thinks you only have 3 days but its 2 weeks.

You will probably hear about the holiday to wherever if you ever get a demonstration and they try and push you into it through that way. Its untrue if they say its your last sale needed to get them on it.

You may also get told that the boss is going to do special things because its: his birthday, getting to the end of the month, any occassion that he can think of! They wont affect the price anymore then it would do normally!

Again, if you do decide that you want one, then try and get a loan somewhere else first, it probably will have a better APR.

You hear of stories about Kirby and unless you've actually encountered them yourselves one way or another then its hard to believe i guess.

If you are considering getting a job, then ask around everyone you know first, someone would of heard them of one way or another.

I know someone that left the same time as me and he is still waiting to get paid and they are refusing to do so by saying that they cancelled... i dont know how seeing as they never give the cancellation forms out!

If anyone has any complaints regarding kirby then ring the following numbers, [protected]/ [protected]. Ask for Tye or Faz Mughal

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  • Ty
      14th of Dec, 2009
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    RTS services are a joke!!! I went round with one of there service Engineers and they are complete rip offs!!! taking parts off saying they are broken when they are ok, one time he sold a new Kirby to a customer and cleaned up there old one and sold it as a new one!!! shocking he claimed he was on £70, 000 a year!!! by ripping people off, driving round in his clapped out red vauxhall corsa van yeah pull the other one. I only wored for a day left the house at 7am and i didn't get home till 9.30pm i didn't get paid for my time there the place is a complete joke!!

  • Pc
      29th of Apr, 2010
    -1 Votes

    there is no 2 week cancellation period in the United States. Also, your distributor didnt believe you were at your grandmas funeral, and thats only because he/she must know you are a liar. Kirby wouldnt want you anyway.

  • Cg
      4th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    i have started to work for rts and i do find the price ott its £2395.00 yes it dose work...but i find the sales tatics a bit harsh...they go out cold calling giveing you the chance to win a nissan mirca or £6000 cash...the draw is in december...if u filled one out and they call you up tell them to get will get a 2hr demo and a carpet clean ...they will make you feel dirty and push you into byeing one ...they aim these at ppl who r in there 50's 60's etc...they dont like young ppl and they do push for the sales...BTW I AM SORRY IF I HAVE GIVEN ANY 1 A TICKIT FOR THE DRAW...BIN IT !!!...faz mughal pushes you for the sales cos if u get the sales you will make money...i went to the interview knowing nothing about what i was doing or going to do...they keep it so quiet they never asked about my work experiance its a scam sorry for my spelling

  • La
      1st of Aug, 2010
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    OMG I worked for these guys during summer hols and whay you said is such and exxageration lol. 2 am. You were probably one of those that didnt actually do much work and are shouting scam to cover your own failures.
    I went back to Uni with decent money in my pocket. Those guys were great thank you

    Lauren H

  • Ro
      6th of Nov, 2010
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    i think your full of crap mate i work for the company and i lost my grandad last november. faz and tye gave me as much time as i needed. took about 2 and a half weeks off with no one screaming abuse at me they were very simpathetic. also as for finshing at 2am thats crap to last appointment is 5, 30pm so 2 hours make 7, 30pm. where do you live scotland? so i surgest that as you FAILED stop whinning and get a job loser. because your a failure doesnt mean the companys [censor] it means you are. thanks.

  • Ro
      6th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    oh forgot as for cancelatoin forms there a leagel requieent for all companys you idiot look it up. and those who do cancel can but you might want to ask the thousands of customers who own them what they think as the companysbeen going for 96years there has to be alot of happy people unlike time wasters like you

  • Ta
      30th of Jul, 2013
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    I worked for these as well and the girl that sits in the smelly room telling you to cold call people who are vunerable was sleepin with either tye or faz or both they thought they were Something special guess not if i had of known they were being investigated i definatly would have stood up against them creeps. they have no morals and no one ever won anything they used to operate in bracebridge heath and would drive around in flashy cars probably bought with the money they conned out of elderly people. Discrace they should of got a custodial sentence

  • Di
      30th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    The insinuation that a female was sleeping with one or two staff members is not constructive to the reader and is slanderous. I worked part time there while at college. I am female. I was never asked to contact vulnerable people. We just rang recommendations from customers. I didn't sleep with any bosses. The complaint is more a rant and a malicious personal attack on the people that worked there and not factual or helpful and should be removed. Oh and the telesales supervisor was male not female. Utter nonsense from a jealous vindictive person.

  • Da
      19th of Mar, 2016
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    Have just finished working with Total homecare (also called MKS and THL) based in Salford and need to alert people to their practices...

    For potential customers...

    Usually they gain your information via your friends or by dropping a "Win £1000" card in your house. People please be aware. They only want this offer for the Carpet shampoo, no chance you will win the £1000. Once in they will explain that to do the shampoo they need to vac the carpet and use Black Cloths to show you what it pulls up. Now, granted, its a good machine, but the pressure is on you to buy because the rep wants to get about £500 commission from the sale (there is his incentive) and when they have done they call their boss and explain that you love the kirby and only money stops you having one. The MD at Salford is a Mr Gary Pridham (will be refered to as Mr Morrow) and i advise everyone to look him up on google. The pressure starts then, tells you how wonderful it is and what can you afford. If you buy staff are told to do a fantastic job on the carpet and if not, well just get it over with quickly... Now you have a Kirby, congats... What happens after also hurts your pocket. After so long they will come out to service the machine, usually about 12 months or so. During this visit they will try to push you into getting a service plan and will tell you that there is a problem with the machine, the favourite is it sparking on the motor (all motors spark, ask a professional) and that you might have to get a service plan. Be honest, most parts can be bought on ebay but the team tell you that it will invalidate the warranty if you do so. So buy genuine parts on ebay then, not £30+ for 6 bags or £15 for three belts... and this is done every year. The guy/gal who comes to service the machine has NO TECHNICAL knowledge of engineering, i know cause i did it...

    For potential Staff...

    Avoid, run to the hills and pray you never see them again. In 2 days 7 people out of 10 left. You are trained by the Zen Master Gary Pridham in how to sell and always use positives, no negatives. Do not worry about who you are selling to but your prime targets are 40+ and those who have retired. To all the houses i have been to, not one uses it daily, its too bulky... I worked there from 11/2 to 17/3 and the job was advertised as £1200 PCM (per calender month i believe that stands for) and went to see him after being there for, wait for it, 35 days... Calculate it yourselves if you wish, my maths could be wrong, after all i was selling affordable vacs for £2495... i was told that i was not being paid because i had only worked 21 days... Eh!... and i thought my maths was bad... So, to those looking to work here, saw 2 members of staff and they had gone within a week or so... Why the high turnover...???

    So, in short avoid at all costs

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