SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / candy crush

Fort Walton Beach, FL, United States

I have been getting over charged by your game on just purchasing extra items. Also I just had a charge come when I didn't buy anything? Many of the purchases at 15.99$ charge me 34.99$ the last purchase I did for 15.99$ charged me over 50.00$ ? On the first of the month a charge came out 15.99$ and I haven't purchased anything for over 2 weeks. Counting up the overages in well over 100$

Please contact me to correct these overages. I'm a Army wounded warrior, 100% disabled and use this game as therapy for traumatic brian injury(TBI) it also helps me with mentally concentrating for PTSD! The VA hospital gave me an iPad and recommends certain games to help with increasing brian activity.
I would really like to resolve this problem as I do like some of your games for my recovery and hope you take my complaint serious.
Thank you
Samuel Wright
CPT US Army(Ret)

May 4, 2017

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