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My Consumer No. is AL257801
We are facing the same problem since Jan-09 (with KESC-Garden BOC-Manager-Ahsan and Management Support Officer Mr.Zafar Iqbal.)

I submitted complains regarding average billing several times with lots of photocopies of paid bill and approached from Top (Qazi Tameezuddin) to Bottom (inspector/supervisors) level. But no one is ready to solve my problem and refer to each other every month.

Now today on 03-Sep-2009 they simply reply (threaten) to pay all that arrears which was based on average. Otherwise they will billed heavy amount calculated based on three years back reading.

Actually they have concern why we are using low electricity since 2006-07. I explained and gave all the necessary related documents to prove myself for low consumption after 2007.

I explained them why the consumption was degraded as follow:
1) We have shifted one meter load to another available meter to us to fall in lower slab rate.

2) We have changed all local motors which was repaired and winded serveral times with imported Australian (DAVY) motor pumps.

3) We changed all leaked underground pipe lines which was causing of High consumption of motors to run extra time due to leaked pipelines.

4) We decreased motor running timings from 12-14 hours to 6-8 hours per day.

But they refused crucially and reject all my evidence. Today, I'm very disappoint when the KESC Management Support Officer - Mr. Zafar Iqbal (with advice of Manger BOC-Garden Mr. Ahsan) told me that there is now way to adjust your averaged arrear bill you simply deposit it otherwise I'll take serious action which cause you big burden.

Now they give me a BIG BIG favour that they changed this amount into 4 installments.

1) As a citizen of Pakistan where KESC like beast are exist you have NO right to complain.

2) If you dare to complain they will teach you non-forgettable lesson that will remember to your next generation and you will advice your children not to go to KESC.

3) But... How, one can leave without any protest. That will cause a man to seek for compensation for their money which they gave without any use. Now they seek for KUNDA System and other source of illegal act (doo number kay kam).
Nowadays, KESC slogan is “Save Electricity”. But after consequences of my experience I’ll never try to save electricity.

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  • Ku
      Dec 03, 2009

    Posting date: 03-Dec-2009

    I agree with the above comments of Rizwan Shamji.
    I am also facing a similar problem cum trauma.
    During summers we were getting a bill of average Rs [protected] and when winters started the bill got reduced to around 1200.
    This was merely not acceptable to KESC who sent me the bill in Oct 2009 on the same reading which was in Sept, and termed the mode as ASSY (AssY=fault in meter) Then again in Nov2009, they did the same thing. On approaching the KESC office (Farid Chambers) i was told that your meter is not working although when i read the meter it was actually billing at an average of 200 units per month as comparred to 400 units which the KESC was sending to me in bills of Oct, Nov2009.

    On my protest that why no one cared to inform me, but they had no clues. I live in a residential building with the meter room keys having only with the watchman.
    We are a 2 member family who both go out for services in the morning at 9am and return in evning around 7pm.
    We dont have a single buld (only energy savers) and we usually dont cook at home (so very slight use of microwave)
    We have a 1 ton split aircondition which is lying off since Sept 2009 due to pleasant weather.

    I have subitted an application to the Manager KESC on the above woe in Farid Chambers 1st floor (Mr Bashir Instructed this) but i doubt any progress will occur.

    Secondly he has told me to submit an application to KESC office in Nursery (lal kothi) and they will install a new meter whose charges of course will be borne by the consumer i.e myself amounting upto approx Rs 700-800.

    Point of concern:
    1) Why the KESC person who detected the fault did not approach me with the problem.
    2) The meter is running and is giving the right units then why should i go for the replacement.
    3) If this thing would have occured in summer season, then would the KSE would have still sent me the same units billed although my units would have been much greater.
    4) I reach late to office due to visits in KESC and get a late marked. Who will compensate for this. KESC?

    I think KESC cannot accept the fact that a person whole bill was amounting to Rs 3000 during summer months is now getting Rs 1500 bill. They need to be informed that its winters now and secondly it depends on the family size and usage.

    Please would any kind gentlemen look into this issue and resuce us from this traumatised situation.

    Mob# +[protected]
    Consumer # LA018099
    Meter # B96580

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  • Sa
      Jun 06, 2013

    hamara ghar jo k A171 block 13 Gulistan e johar Scheme 36 m bna wa hai 'jska 2 kamro m mushtamil hissa jski bijli hamnay khud katwae 10.10.2008 ko application di k hamary lite kat di jae lite kat gae or yeh hissa bnd raha 8 month tk magar KESC iska average bill 400 450 unit ka bhejti rae jski bunyad par 73200 RS ka average bill bheja gaya
    hmnay bohat application di k hamaray metre k mutabiq bill bnaya jae lekn hamary koe sunwae nae hue.kbhi kehtay hai load maloom kray gay or vo b krlya .hum 4 sal s current bill bhar rae hai kbhi b hamara itna bill nae aya .200 unit s zyada nae aya bill.staff change hota rehta hai naye naye log atay hai naye naye batain krtay hai .koe hamra masla hal nae kr rha hai .bnd ghar ka bjli kati wi thi uska b bill bhejtay rhay.or ab hm say kehtay hai k bill pay karo warna lite kat day gay.APP say guzarish hai k hamray maslay ka hal kia jae jtni bijli hmnay use ki hai us k lihaz s bill lia jae hm say .lite khuleatay waqt b hmnay application di thi hamary pass saray sabot mojood hai .main gareeb insaan hu 4 sal s dhakay kharaha hu mery app s guzarish hai k meray mAslay ko hall kia JAE .
    Staff members kehtay hai k app log kahi b chalay jae app ka masla hm hi hall kray gay or jo hm kehaty hai wo hi krna parega .
    ACCOUNT NUMBER [protected]
    MOBILE NUMBER [protected]

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