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I ordered the free sample of keranique over the phone. I was under the impression that i would be billed $7. 95 for the sample. . When i checked my statement it showed a deduction of $168. 85. I called and spoke with angela and she said that i had made a mistake and offered to pay the full amount. How dumb do they think i am? When i asked to speak to a manager and threatened to take legal action through consumer protection she came back on the line to tell me that she would be depositing my money back into the bank, less the $7. 95. I have yet to receive the product or the refund. I wish that i had checked more carefully before making that call. I am still filing a formal complaint against the company through consumer protection.

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      24th of May, 2012

    I cancelled the product 2 weeks after receiving it - by e-mail (which when you call to cancel they tell you to send them an e-mail) - they confirmed that they cancelled the order & I assumed that was that - NO, , they continued to charge my account for the order. Apparently they sent a note stating you must telephone them to get the return information! But they never answer the phone! I will change my card number - too bad they are not honest with their customers. I am going to file with Consumers Protection.

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  • Lo
      29th of Jul, 2012

    This comment is exactly what happened to me, but the guy I spoke to was so rude, I got the impression that I may not get the $175 back even if I did send back the products, so I just kept them and swallowed the cost. Seeing the other comments, I guess I got away well--at least I got something. The product is nice, but not nearly worth the price. The special "FDA approved" hair growth formula is just minoxidil, which you can buy off the shelf 3 boxes for $20.

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  • Ri
      29th of Dec, 2012

    When you hear the work Keranique - RUN! These are the most crooked, dishonest people that I have ever dealt with. They will not work with you. They help themselves to your money with or without your permission. I can't believe that they haven't been shut down. I have heard multiple complaints. Wish me luck because I called them this morning to straighten things out and got talked to as if my IQ were 30. They are extremely rude. Watch out! Oh, and by the way, that 2 months supply they try to charge you for is only a 30 day supply. Don't believe anything they say or you will be sorry. I am also planning on contacting the better business bureau and consumers protection people.

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      25th of Jun, 2018

    I received a Keranique offer through amazon, after I answered several questions/ I could choose several product and I chose Kerantique.
    I called because I noticed they were going to bill me$127.40 for the vitimins. I called and told them that I did not want the vitimins and she said that I owed like $275, that this was not a free offer.
    I had cancelled in the past because they were always sending something else. I am on social security and cannot afford it.
    this is a total scam.
    I am going to contact the better business bureau and anyone else I can get ahold of They told me they could they to.
    not put me through to billing

    Tell me what legit company cannot put you through to billing!!!

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