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Called to order, was bombarded with so many other offers I lost count, was told the order was doubled FOR FREE. While looking at my bank account, saw there were 2 separate charges for the same amount on 2 consecutive days. Called customer service to complain. Explained the problem to the operator Corey at extension #278 and she proceeded to tell me it was past the 30 days, fine, but why 2 charges. She said I received 2 boxes. I said that is right. The man who took the order said it was free. She said no, it is not free. I asked for the supervisor and she refused stating that it was not an emergency??? I told her I was returning the product and I wanted a refund. She refused stating she could not do that. I asked for the supervisor. She would not let me speak to "him" as she referred to the person. I said how can you charge for a free product? She kept stating it was not free to send the second box. I asked again for a supervisor. She still refused. I said, OK, then when my call was first placed, the man that answered said this call is being recorded for customer service, I want to hear that tape. He told me the second portion was free. She then put me on hold for over 6 minutes and came back on the line stating that the supervisor named "him" would have to pull the records and call me back. I said that was unacceptable I needed to resolve this today. She said he was too busy. I asked how his time could be more valuable than mine? She refused to let me speak to "him" again stating that he was on another call. . I said this is unacceptable and that I wanted to speak to him today. She said he was too busy. She said she had already been on the phone more than 13 minutes and that there was nothing more she could do. I said no, your job is customer service and this was not service nor was I happy. I wanted to speak to the supervisor and she disconnected the call.

Apr 10, 2013
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  • Jt
      Dec 24, 2013

    This company is now advertising on a local TV channel in Winston Salem, NC. The pitch is to call within 5 minutes for a free sample of the product. This "hurry before it's gone" tactic made me suspicious. I found this site and am very glad I did. Minoxidil is the same hair loss product prescribed to men. So the part of the ad stating something to the effect of " ladies it's your turn now" is misleading since it suggests their product is different from that used by men.

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