Kenya Airwaysno communication/updates provided to passengers by kq

My parents are travelling on flight KQ204 twin-jet from Nairobi to Mumbai on 26th Nov 2017. The flight got delayed and there was no information provided to the passengers about its delay. The flight took off an hour late from Nairobi and within 1hr15mins of flying time it landed back in Nairobi because of a technical fault in engine; the passengers were inside flight for 2 hrs and were given no information about flight's takeoff. finally the passengers were asked to deboard the flight and were taken to an accommodation overnight around 3am in morning. Yet there were no updates from KQ on the registered numbers. When I called the KQ support contact centre, the customer care help centre had absolutely no idea about when the next flight would be made available to the passengers. The KQ website ( says the passengers will be informed and updated incase of delayed or cancelled flights on their registered numbers. Yet not a single passenger knows how long they are going to be stranded and how long will it take KQ to arrange for the next flight. Is this a kind of service that KQ should be providing? This is not the first time that KQ doesnt inform the passengers about delays/cancellations or arrangements. Always KQ flights have technical problems. Providing meals and accommodation doesnt suffice the overall service. Regular and timely updates of further arrangements are required to provide a good service to the customers.

Nov 27, 2017

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