Kenmore / microwave/convection oven model # 790.89393510

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January, 2017 I made a purchase of all my appliances for my new home in Texas, one of which was a Kenmore Microwave/Convection Oven Model # 790.89393510.
The unit was installed mid March, 2017 in my new residence in Texas. With this purchase I bought a Master Protection Agreement, good until 2020.
On December 4, 2018 the unit would no longer work, tripping the breaker, 21.5 months of use. On Dec. 5th, I called Sears service 1-800-469-4663. The first appt scheduled for Dec 7, 1-5pm, the service company did not make it by 5pm, and I rescheduled for Dec. 10th. The unit was inoperable and the Sears technician, Mike, recommended a new capacitor and transformer. I was told there was a high voltage problem. I made numerous calls to Sears, greater than 10, asking for a replacement. They refused to listen. One lady gave me some hope that they could replace it. I never heard back from her. I told this to Hammond service and wanted to wait to hear back from this lady.
I bought the unit for ~$600 and also, bought the MPA. And I was asking for a replacement of a Samsung Microwave being sold by Sears online for $219.00 Sears would not listen to me.
Second service appointment was on Dec 26, parts installed, the capacitor and transformer and unit remained inoperable, failed unit. A new lady technician recommended a magnetron part to be replaced.
Third service appointment on Jan 7, (now 40 days without use of the unit) the magnetron was installed, the unit remained inoperable, failed unit.
I have complained to Sears and Hammond services and they refuse to listen to me. Now, a new PC board is being ordered and I wait for the unit to be repaired. maybe?
Sears does not listen to the complaints of a old, retired, fixed income, slightly physically disabled lady. The unit is a lemon and I am tired of the insanity of Sears ~$700 for parts and ~$500 for the service.
I am calling Texas State Dept of Licensing and Regulations to ask for a resolution and filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals consumers dept .
Sears does not listen SAD!

Jan 08, 2019
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