Kenmore Electric Range / super overheated oven

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My 3 year old Kenmore oven super overheated one 2 days ago. It was set at 350 and half an hour later smoke filled the kitchen and the stove started beeping and flashed an F10 error code. I tried to turn off the oven but it would not shut down I flipped the breaker to turn it off. The manual said the problem was a runaway oven ( wow that's a scary problem) I tried again a day later and it began to over heat again temp set to 350 and when I checked it with an oven thermometer with a scale up to 500. the temperature needle went off the scale!!. Again it would not shut down and I had to flip the breaker. I will NOT be using this oven again. Of course the warranty is over and Sears will send out a tech for $80 to diagnose the problem. It could be the temperature probe RTD sensor probe $35 or the EOC electronic oven control $300+ these parts are also not available in the local store and if ordered will not arrive until April 27! After reading these reviews from others with "runaway ovens" and fires I am very uncomfortable with this oven in my house. Luckily I was at home and in the kitchen ----My house could have easily burned. There is a big problem with this stove! Why is the breaker not shutting off when the oven overheats? I will be sending a complaint to the CPSC and to Sears. Hopefully something can be done before someone is hurt or killed in a house fire.

Apr 9, 2014

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