Kellogg'sraisen bran cereal bugs in box

July 2016, opened up box of Kellogg's Raisen bran cereal and small black bugs with wings came out. Not knowing where they came from I emptied the pantry and set off bug bomb and then opened all the other boxed food products. No more bugs, only in the 2 boxes of sealed Kellogg's Raisen bran. Knowing how the food industry is tightly regulated and the reputation of Kellogg's I was sure they came from my house, but why were they only in this cereal box? Thanks to UTube I found my bug and the origin of where they came from... Kellogg's!!! But the complaint about this bug in the sealed boxes go back several years. How could this still be happening in 2016? What is the FDA and Kellogg's doing about this problem? This was my favorite cereal for the past 30 years and not sure if I will ever buy another box.


Aug 07, 2016

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