Kellogg Companyraisin bran crunch

Purchased 2 of the giant sized raisin bran crunch at Walmart approximately 6 days ago. Opened 1st box, poured in my bowl and it was crawling with tiny very much alive little black bugs that may have had very small wings. Assumed I brought it in with groceries until I just now opened the 2nd box and same identical thing...this time it made me sick to my stomach because I ate approximately 1/2 of the bowl before they crawled up the sides.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Mount Carroll, IL I eat my cereal dry as I cannot drink milk.
Seeing that others have identical complaints, just pull all of your tainted product off every grocery shelf worldwide until you figure out what is going on here. This is gross and you have lost a 58 year old consumer and anyone that will lend an ear to ALL Kelloggs products (and related companies) until you make a fast, public resolution of this matter. I don't care about the 6 bucks, donate it to charity.

Apr 16, 2018

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