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Kay jewelers does not understand the idea behind sentimental jewelry. My young son bought me a ring for a gift in 2004 and also was talked into a warranty. One of the little
stones fell out in 2009. I had to pay $25.oo to replace it even with the warranty . I was willing to do this as it was a very special gift given by my SON. In JAN of this year the small
stone fell out again. I brought it in and was told it would be another $25.00 to replace...Again I was will as it was a special gift from my SON. (I am sure any one reading this gets the point) NOT KAY JEWELERS!!! I was told that it is a little weak from where and the jeweler doesn't believe that it will last long so they won't fix it. I have spoken with the manager and customer service to fix it anyways for the $25.00 but they won't do it. Even with the warranty...instead they are willing to give me the $40.00 the gift originally cost my son.
WOW! the nerve to tell someone basically that it wasn't even worth fixing!!! I will make sure to spread the word to anyone and everyone never to shop at such a rude store.

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  • Je
      8th of Feb, 2010

    WOW!!! You just cheapened you sons gift with this blog...ONE: knowning it was worth $40.00 should have given you a clue????? TWO: IT WAS YOUR SONS GIFT after the first time and it failed again then after the news you should have said AWW I'll keep it and give it as a momento even without the stone...but now you sound like a money hungry !#@$%.

    AS far as the company I commend them for thier efforts and thier honesty and the willing to give you the entire money back? DO you expect them to replace the stone everytime it's lost???? How do they know you aren't ripping them out and keeping them and replacing them for $25.00 a pop?????

    signed you son
    (no really, I'm just kidding please see the light in this and the honesty)
    this was kind of tough to answer

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