Kaspersky Pure Total Security 3.0 / very disappointing product

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A month ago I purchased Kaspersky PURE Total Security 3.0 for our small business. The purchase and installation seemed to go fine - for a few days. Within a week I received an error message stating that we were no longer protected and there was some problem with the license. It gave various suggestions to fix the problem, but I was not able to do it on my own. I attempted to contact their support people for assistance. No such luck. I finally resorted to sending a message by email, because I could not contact anyone by any other means. I have sent two email messages now, and I have still received no response at all. Because we cannot afford to be unprotected, I finally had no choice but to uninstall Kaspersky and purchase and install a different product. Fortunately the new product is working well - but I am still out the $89 I paid for the Kaspersky. There are good companies out there - this isn't one of them. Steer clear!!!

Apr 20, 2013
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      Jun 02, 2013

    I also had purchased Kaspersky Pure 2.0 about 7 months ago. Was recently upgraded to Pure 3.0. Didn't really like the 2.0 version but must say the 3.0 version was worse! Got 2 Trojans which caused my computer to constantly crash. Finally after 5 restores and one factory recovery AND uninstalling Kaspersky and installing another better anti-virus program, my computer seems to be back to normal. But I have to ask myself, if Kaspersky has such a seemingly good reputation, WHY did it let 2 Trojan viruses into my computer?! Whenever I would do a full-system scan with it, it would look at around 300, 000 files and tell me at the end that no threats were found. When I installed the anti-virus software I have now, and did a full-system scan, it looked at around 600, 000 files and found 2 threats which it then eliminated. Now my computer is working but am feeling scammed out of the $90 that it cost to buy Kaspersky!

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