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I had recently the need to check with Kaspersky about a matter concerning financial transactions that have been blocked. Having checked with my bank and finding no fault there, I searched the Kaspersky website to see if their 'safe money' attribute might have been the source of the problem. In the Kaspersky run customer forum I found that someone else had had exactly the same thing happening, and a agent for Kaspersky had answered giving clear instructions on what to do, it lastly advised that if this advice had not solved the problem that one should contact technical support so that the problem could be looked into.

I followed this course of action and was treated like an idiot by the agent on the phone, I cannot imagine a less rude and ignorant person than the one I spoke to, he considered it ridiculous that I might imagine that Kaspersky would interfere with my transactions; which I find extremely odd as that is exactly what their "safe money" thing is for!

I changed from Kaspersky a few years ago due to similar treatment; they definitely do not deserve custom!!!

Nov 02, 2016
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      Jan 11, 2017

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      Jan 12, 2017

    @shrawan techy9 God, that takes the cake! Learn to read English before you reply to a comment written in English.

    My point was about human behaviour - check out the word 'rude' and apply it to support agent.

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