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Kaplan university is not making refunds in a timely manner to students for excess financial aid. Financial aid representives refuse to give out the number for kaplans business office so students can enquire about why their funds have been delayed. I have worked for kaplan in the past and know with certainity that this number exists. There has been some allegations that kaplan retains the money as long as possible in an effort to gain interest for their organization. I know alot of students have this issue as well. Here are some steps that you can take. Hopefully if more of us are proactive in dealing with this matter then kaplan can be held accountable.
1. Contact the omsbudsmans office for school compliance with the government at
2. File a complaint online to the oig office of inspector general at
3. File a bbb (Better business complaint
Also, print all correspondence from your student webpage showing your scheduled disbursemnt dates. If possible get doccumentation from your lender showing the actual dates that your loans were sent to kaplan. Document all communications... Who you spoke with. Date you called and what transpired. When you file your complaint with the ombudsmans office they will request this information. Good luck.

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  • Mi
      30th of Dec, 2012

    Thank you so much for this information!

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  • Cu
      8th of Oct, 2015

    Kaplan university takes their time to send you your money all of the time. they post a date on your account then when that date comes they change it. most of the time they wait a week after the date to even update your account. then it takes another week before they actually mail it to you. Kaplan university needs to give you the option to set up direct deposit with them so it does not take forever to get YOUR money. they also need to be more professional and do things on time. if you owed them they would not wait 3 weeks after the due date to receive it so why should we.

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  • Cu
      8th of Oct, 2015

    also they had this money pending for 2 months so I know they have received it

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