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Kaplan University / kaplan=scam=regrets

1 Omaha, NE campus, Omaha, NE, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 402.572.8500

Posted: 2008-09-18 by ripped off and regretful

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Kaplan u./omaha
Omaha, nebraska
United states
Phone: 402.572.8500
Kaplanuniversity. Edu

Warning to all who seek an accelerated higher education experience: steer clear of kaplan university!
[this comes not from a disillusioned low achiever who couldn't make the grade (S) — I graduated w/a 3.98 gpa.] wish I had been forewarned, and spent my $ and efforts elsewhere.
Kaplan suckers recruits with lies and false claims, to start with... You'll be told anything to lure you into enrolling. Applies to every program they offer. I went thru their medical assisting program. Few things I was led to believe/expect were real. Very few.
Financial aid is there to confuse and b-s students; they will overcharge and you'd better be ready to fight. They tried to convince me/my classmates that an 18-month period of time was really 21 months, for example, to get an extra terms' tuition! Huh?? That's only one example...
Student services — major joke — students get no help, no straight answers to any question. Administration across the board = lies, bs, lack of knowledge, unable to address that issue, etc... Unable to communicate w/each other, let alone with students. When you complain, you get the runaround and brush-off when the bs doesn't work... Until they graduate you and know you have no recourse.
Part-way into it, I had a sick sense i'd made a mistake, brought up some issues and was 'stroked' to keep me in school, promised things were about to improve, and besides, having that much invested "you don't want to give up now!" they do know how to play on your sense of diligence/hope/whatever will make you 'hang in there', as if perhaps it's really just "you"...
Problems and falsehoods sprang up like weeds; and the courses ran hot (Challenging and worthwhile) and cold (Complete time-wasters, broken equipment, a med lab teacher with zero teaching skills or degree, etc.)
They claim to offer job placement assistance; this too is false. Last term over? — you're on your own!
Had to fight to get final grades & transcripts, after a final term that was a true fiasco, thanks to the incompetent persons in charge of externship and the final study course, exit requirements, etc...
I am left with anger, regret, and no feeling of pride in my accomplishment — and more than $30, 000 in student loan debt.
Thinking about giving kaplan a call? Save yourself the anguish — go to a real school!

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  • Ka
      19th of Sep, 2008

    Sorry you experienced so many problems. I attended and graduated with no problem, even found a job in my field. The tuition is a bit pricey but all in all its a private school. I was very happy with the professors and the education I received from them. The departments do need some help and I believe the problems in structure is because of a high turn around. Otherwise, I think the school is great and would recommend it to anyone.

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  • La
      7th of Oct, 2008

    I agree, Kaplan is a rip off of a school. They told a lie about the university that I choose to attend while trying to get me to go to Kaplan. I did keep all written correspondence that I received from the school. I never went any further with Kaplan, and I was told that I would get the $95.00 I spent when signing up. Since I have been calling about my refund, I have been getting the run around from the school. Kaplan University is a rip off and the staff treats you like car sells men where they sell you a lemon and then avoid the problems when they come up after you bought the lemon. I would not recommend Kaplan University to anyone seeking an online education.

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  • Al
      13th of Nov, 2008

    You're lucky that you are only $30, 000 in the hole from this school. Grr! They told me lies so that they would get my FAFSA loans. They told me that I'd lose financial aid if I wasn't full-time. Fact: a student would lose a scholarship (that doesn't exist there anyway) or grants (that I didn't qualify for) if not attending full-time. Your loans are a completely different ball-game. They never told me that. I received $5, 000 tuition reimbursement each year from work, took out maximum loans and yet I still had to pay a couple hundred each month for some reason.

    When I left, a year later I got a notice from a collections company claiming I owed $2, 100. That's not the cost of a class, and that's not the cost of two. What is $2, 100? Nothing, that's what. I was free and clear when I left that school. Never got a word from them until a year later when it was in collections. I'm still waiting to find out what I owe for. My phone calls, messages, emails and everything short of smoke signals went unanswered.


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  • Ca
      3rd of Apr, 2009

    Be forewarned. Kaplan University continues this collection scheme. I was free and clear when I left -- completing the exit interview as required. A year later I received a similar letter demanding payment for classes I had not attended. I even have documentation from the Financial Aid office that I owe nothing on my account. This university is taking advantage of students and promises what it cannot deliver.

    Beware of Kaplan University. Be sure to document everything. Maybe this institutions accreditation should be reviewed and the IRS should check into whether the claims of outstanding student balances isn't just an attempt to boost its accounts receivable and/or avoid tax liability for unsubstantiable expenses.

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  • Cm
      22nd of Jul, 2009

    All you people should be ashamed of yourself. The reason why the school is so expensive is because your paying for the flexibility and convenience of not having to go sit in a classroom. I went through this program and had absolutely no problems. Why? Because I know that your not going to pay community college prices when you have the convenience of doing classes online at home. As far as accredidation goes, Kaplan is accredited which you can look up through the board of education for proof. This school is not a scam nor is it a waste of time. I have plenty of friends also taking classes with kaplan because they dont have the time nor transportation to drive an hour to go sit in a classroom. I have had no problems with my degree being accepted by the school that I now attend for my Master's or by an employer. Seriously, what do you expect the cost to be when you are getting a degree while staying at home with your husband, kids, etc? Just some food for thought.

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  • Ri
      30th of Sep, 2009

    I agree with cman; I am attending Kaplan right now and haven't had the problems some of you have seem to have had. I had WAY more problems with Penn State! I'm not discounting your stories; it only takes one bad financial aid advsior or academic advisor to make college a horrible experience. I am just saying that there are a lot of people who have not had issues with the university and are working great jobs now. Trust me, I was in Penn State over 15 years ago and last year they sent me a letter saying I owe them 11, 000 for a semester I never even attended back in 1996 (I left that school in '95).

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  • Mr
      21st of Nov, 2009

    KAPLAN is a scam. They are always selling you in each class about the need to set goals. But the goals they give you are to keep spending money on KAPLAN. It's a total racket, 50% of my classes were a sales pitch. What is your goal? YOU BETTER SAY FINISH KAPLAN if you want to get an A. If you say complete your eduction that's a B because you didn't specify KAPLAN.

    I wish I was making this stuff up! This is not an institution of higher learning, it's a pyramid scheme for "teachers" which are hardly any good. It's a glorified message board where in the end you get a "Degree" from a school people laugh at!

    TOTAL SCAM. People need to wake up and see that this isn't a school.

    BTW -I am not attending. I already have a degree, but I am watching my roommate attend. And seeing the difference in what I gained from an actual college and what he is getting is HUGE. Don't waste your money on this so called "University." Like anything in life, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

    For everyone posting who is saying it's great, I understand your pain. If I had shelled out 30K for a degree from this joke I would be trying to defend it too.

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  • Bm
      25th of Nov, 2009

    my apology to the kaplan girl. I thought fuc yu china was bashing her. i am not racist. China does in fact send lead contaminated toys to the US and they are a Communist government that does not give freedoms like ours in the US. I do hate the ###ing Chinese Government, so we are clear. And Kaplan is a bunch of Dicks and ###s whom could not find their ### with two hands. again i am sorry maggie you have every right to say your piece. I am not a big fan of Chinas government. I ###ing hate communism. Maybe that is because China almost killed little kids with their ###ING LEAD BASED TOYS THAT CAME TO THE USA.

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  • Je
      16th of Jan, 2010

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  • Ci
      7th of Mar, 2010

    Some lessons Ive learned after having been screwed by a "business/career/trade" college.
    1)If the school is Private, stay away from it
    2)If the school is for-profit, stay away from it
    3)If the school offers people the ability to finish a course offered at a public college or university in less that half the time it normally takes, stay away from it
    4)Do the credits transfer to other PUBLIC colleges and Provincially funded universities? if not, stay away from it
    5)are there multiple posts about the institution on educational forums and on the internet in general that are negative in nature, if so, stay away from it
    6)Does the school offer job placement assistance, guaranteed high paying jobs after graduation, scouts/employers from companies that come to the school to look for grads, a 70-90% graduate employment rate and a whole bunch of other really over-the-top gurantees?!, if so, stay away from it
    7)Does the school have multiple "campuses" spread out all over the country?if so, stay away from it
    8)Is the school on the third floor of a scummy building? if so, stay away from it
    9)Does the school seem to change names every couple of years? If so, stay away from it
    10)Does the school go through a constant change of instructors and management? If so, stay away from it
    11)Does the school employ ex-grads as teachers?, if so, stay away from it
    12)DO they advertise on tv, have a 1-800 number and do they have glossy print ads? If so, stay away from it
    -If I wouldve had a list similar to this before I enrolled in that institution, I wouldve thought twice about making said decision

    Bottom line:DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

    Brampton, Ontario

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  • Tu
      25th of Mar, 2010

    I feel the same way as you do. Please contact me. It is not too late to do something about this. If you are interested in handling this matter legally please contact me at [protected] or call me personally so I can give you all the information needed! 3373239098 (Any time is great)


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  • Mi
      5th of Dec, 2010

    Im entering my second year at Kaplan University. I've had nothing but a great experience. I agree sometimes it is hard to get technical support however with repetition it is more of an inconvenience at times but is always there for you, as well as the option to check your system under a tab clearly labeled check system requirements. I would say that Kaplan is not responsible for the format of their programs and it is up to a person to investigate and learn what is required before attending to make sure your systems and programs are in the proper format or have the correct document extensions etc...

    I can however see where frustration would come from in your position and a length of time between October - December is unacceptable, I personally have gotten ahold of someone each and every time I've ever needed assistance and personally have no complaints with Kaplan University and I actually enjoy and am proud to be graduating from this school and even intend to pursue my masters degree with Kaplan University.

    Admittedly I am unfamiliar with Kaplan University High School and cannot comment on the way it is operated but can say; If Kaplan University High School is operated even similar to the college, you should have no trouble turning this confusion into a great experience for yourself. Like i said earlier, sometimes its a huge inconvenience to try and repetitiously get ahold of people but it is definitely worth it to not give up and continue attempting to get through because 9 times out of 10 YOU WILL REACH SOMEONE :) Best wishes!

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  • Mi
      24th of Feb, 2011

    I completed a BS degree through Kaplan and had problems with tech support, teachers, financial aid, student services, etc. I had a great experience. Yes, sometimes the hold times to speak to somebody were longer than I wanted, but I always got through to a person. Yes, some classes seemed to be a joke, but then some classes were very hard. I think that an individuals experience is just that, his or her experience and does not speak to a whole institute. Kaplan is not for everybody, just as Harvard, ASU, or Kitsap Community College, is not for everybody. If Kaplan is not a good fit for you, find another place to be. Do not stop others from having an experience at all by lamenting your issues and generalizing. If you have an interest in Kaplan do your reseasrch. If you have an interest in UoPhoenix, do your research. Make your choice based on your own thoughts. Kaplan has a unique format from other distance learning programs and I happen to enjoy it.

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  • Mi
      24th of Feb, 2011

    should have said I had NO problems...

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  • Be
      3rd of May, 2011

    cman125, a flexible degree does not have to be so expensive. You can do online classes at Excelsior College for $335 per semester credit without even being enrolled as a student - just sign up for a free account on their website and pay for the next class you want to take, online (there are no pre-requisites, nor is there any formal process for registering for any course, the whole process of signing up for and paying for a class (except for the capstone course for enrolled students), even an upper level one, is automatic). Non-enrolled students can take even any capstone courses without advisor approval - for enrolled students advisor approval needs to be given first before they can register for a capstone. Oh, Charter Oak State College has the exact same model for allowing anyone to register for any course immediately, and many of the same types of fields of study as Excelsior, but they are even cheaper - $275 per semester credit. You can also check out University of California Berkeley's extension website and UCLA's extension website, Louisiana State University's distance learning website, Brigham Young University's distance learning website - you can sign up for a wide variety of liberal arts, business and technology courses and certificates immediately with a credit card (no admissions process at all, pay and start) - and yes it is all offered online! You can also just sign up for online classes at a community college or a 4-year college, there are so many such places in this country that let you immediately start courses without being an enrolled student in any of their programs, and their granting of non-degree status may be extremely lenient and immediate without any approval process (see Oregon State University Extended Campus) AND they cost peanuts even for out of state students.

    You can also just finish your degree at American Public/Military University, which costs $250 per semester credit for undergraduate online courses and offers a variety of completely online bachelors and associates programs, and admits everyone with a high school diploma or GED into them. Almost all their graduate programs admits anyone with a bachelors degree, and cost $325 per semester credit for the online classes. Oh yes, these programs are offered ENTIRELY online, without even requiring proctored exams.

    You can do even do an online degree from Fort Hays State Virtual Campus or Arizona State University online, their Bachelors programs have a 90% acceptance rate and cost very little for all online students (instate rates). They offer some Masters too.

    At the undergraduate level, you can check out sites like and transfer in credit to places like Excelsior.

    Hell, if you don't want to do so many online classes at the undergraduate level, sit for exams - CLEPS, DSST, Excelsior exams, TECEPs, certifications, etc. Places like Excelsior College and Charter Oak State College will accept all this credit, and many other universities and colleges will at least accept SOME credit through these means.

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  • Be
      8th of May, 2011

    Kaplan is more expensive than it should be for the price, and yes doing an associates degree ANYWHERE is always risky depending on where you want to continue for your Bachelors - there is a strong chance some credit will be rejected in transfer. For example, if you do your Associates and Bachelors in different states, there may not be articulations that allow all your Associates' credit to transfer into your Bachelors program. There are a limited number of 4-year colleges that will accept all of your Associates' credits into their Bachelors programs as a 60 semester-credit block. So live in reality and do not blame Kaplan unfairly. What I will always say is that Kaplan is bloatedly expensive and will leave you gasping for air repaying loans, and that you can get better deals college-wise (and some of them are open admission too). My previous post can help you understand that. And what I will recommend is avoiding an Associates altogether and going for the big catch, a Bachelors degree, with the kind of options now available for a Bachelors. See Excelsior College, a nonprofit college, for instance - they accept all regionally accredited credit, and all ACE-evaluated credit, admit everyone, and have a broad variety of programs. You can do exams in place of courses, you can do courses at other places and transfer them into Excelsior. In other words, you can save huge amounts of time and money.

    Also look at American Public/Military University, which is a for profit college, but costs only $250 per semester credit including the cost of textbooks, and admits everyone into its undergraduate programs.

    There are a lot of online classes that transfer into 4-year colleges. Oregon State offers online classes that can be used in place of physical campus classes, in their programs. Fort Hays State University offers completely online Bachelors degrees. Arizona State University also offers completely online Bachelors degrees. UCLA and Berkeley Extension offer online classes that transfer to other schools. Charter Oak State College is another college a lot like Excelsior, that offers online courses and operates on the same model of accepting all regionally accredited credit and all ACE-evaluated credit. I mentioned reputed universities here which obviously accept online classes. In other words, your admissions counselor is not up to date with reality. Transfer is ALWAYS a risk, it has very little to do with whether the class is online or offline, but a LOT with the kind of recipient institute you are dealing with.

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  • Wr
      12th of Apr, 2013

    I'm attending Kaplan now for the first tI'me and i haven't even been there for 2months and already regret it. First they are way too expensive I'm getting charged $5, 000 a quarter that's for 10 weeks when i attended UNO i took more classes and my tuition was less than $2, 000. When going through the financial aid part at the time i thought they were being helpful but then i realized they basically did everything for me and had me signing papers like everything was alright. The teachers are very nice and seem supportive for the most part but i knew something was up when they don't care if you turn in an assignment a month later they will still grade it and give you basically 100% grade there are no consequences for assignments and to test this i turn in an assignment in one class only answering 6/25 questions correctly and the rest was mumbo jumbo having little to do with the question- my grade was 100%. In another class i had an assignment for a paper that had to be typed in apa format, i just typed information i did no title page, summary page nor did i give any citation(works cited page) and i plagiarized most of it-my grade-100%. so it got me thinking that the whole process to sign up went very quickly and if the teachers are there to really teach and criticize your work so you learn better. they are taking all of my financial aid money plus the most money they can get out my school loans. I'm suppose to get 5, 000 in school loans and 1, 800 in pell grant and its only suppose to be 5, 000 a quarter is what i signed on my paper and what i was told. Does that add up? NO! so where the hell is my refund money? This school to my conclusion is STRICTLY FOR PROFIT!!! i cannot wait til this quarter is up because i will be returning to a REAL SCHOOL that gives my valuable information from teachers and that doesn't clean me dry out my money. my advise STAY AWAY FROM KAPLAN!!!

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