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While I was attending Kaplan I was informed that I no longer had any financial aid available so I was no longer able to attend. After contacting the University I was informed that here was an error with my financial papers and I would be able to attend the next class. I ended up graduating from the University in December 2009 and I received my Degree along with a copy of my transcripts. After graduating I received a letter from Fed Loan stating they received a refund check from Kaplan so I called the school but I never was able to speak to anyone. About a week or two later I received another letter showing more funds were returned. I finally spoke to someone at Kaplan who informed me that there was an error and they had to return the funds and I now owed them $6, 000. I asked them why I was not informed and how could this has happened? All I was told was well there was an error and I now owe them and if I don't pay it will go to collections. Now I always thought that schools didn't give you your degree or transcripts unless your account was zero but I guess I was wrong.

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      Oct 20, 2011

    This happened to me! At first they told me that I was "overawarded" because I received more unsubsidized loans than was allowed for a dependent student in a single academic year. However, after I emphasized the fact that I was eligible for $7, 500/academic year in unsubsidized loans as a dependent student (something they should know) and that I had not yet received any loans for that academic year (as that term was in January), they then changed their tune. Now they were telling me that I was not receiving all of the money that they originally said I was receiving due to a mistake regarding documents. They stated that some of my loan money was being refunded because they did not have a certain document on file for me. They had NEVER asked me for this document or mentioned it in any capacity, so how is that my fault? That's the fault of their incompetent FA Department. Additionally, I was suspicious about their explanation because I had received all of my loans the previous academic year without ever being asked to turn in that document. Why was it now suddenly a requirement?

    They then tried to tell me that I would have to pay more than $8000 out-of-pocket (this is one of just MANY different "past due balances" they tried to claim I owe, despite the fact that I never had a past due balance. One week they were saying I owed over $4k, the next they were saying I owed over $3k. It was ALWAYS a different amount each time). Considering the term was only $4552, where did they get this $8k+ balance from? I asked the them to explain this and to address why I should be held financially responsible for their mishandling of my financial aid. I am an unemployed dependent student (fortunately, at a legitimate brick and mortar university now). I cannot afford to pay for someone else's foolishness. They said they would get back to me, but never did. They instead sent my account to collections.

    Fortunately, I've kept all of my documents and only communicated with them via email so that I could have everything in writing. I have proof of their repeated contradictory claims of a past due balance of wildly differing amounts (which shows that their records are either extremely inaccurate or they are purposely trying to take monies from students that they are not owed) as well as evidence that they mishandled my financial aid. I will attempt to solve this issue directly with Kaplan, although I predict that I will have to escalate this matter with the authorities, especially since they've already sent my account to collections. I HIGHLY advise anyone who plans to ignore the bad reports about this school and attend anyway to at least do this: Do not communicate financial matters with Kaplan over the phone! Have all correspondence in writing!

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