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I have contacted both departments numerous times, each semester. Each time I was assured my financing was in order, I would have enough money. Then I look and it says I owe $1700+. I call back in and they say I'm out of money and I was given misleading information last time. Now tack on an extra $2000 for my final class and I owe about $3900! They are holding my degree until I find $3900, which I need to submit to law school in the fall!
I am a single mom of 5 who works a full time job, part time job, CASA volunteer an trying to finish college!
Kaplan just preys on people who have no other choice but to go to this "university".
I was told that they would give me a $3000 grant and I would have to pay rest. I asked for it all to be forgiven/scholarship/grant (which they do ALLL the time for people!). I never heard back and no am told that conversation was never recorded or documented!
What I am suppose to do?


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      Oct 12, 2017

    I'm in a similar situation. Back in 2010, I had to withdraw from classes and ended up being told I owed the school almost $6k. I fought for years, called and spoke with an excess of 50 different people. All of whom told me I owed this money and I couldn't have my transcripts or re-enroll unless it was paid. I eventually realized I could file a formal grievance and once investigated, it was determined that "due to an internal processing error" on the part of Kaplan University, I was incorrectly charged this money. For four years, this ruined my life, sat on my credit, made it impossible for me to get an education, get a car loan, get a raise or promotion due to my education being on hold and all they said was, "we hope this doesn't ruin your relationship with Kaplan." I spent the next two years trying to find another school that would accept the credits from this sham of a University to no avail. Eventually, though it almost killed me to do it, I called Kaplan to see about re-enrollment. I was so close to finishing my degree, I figured I would just suck it up and do it. I had a degree audit done and it showed that many of my classes were no longer valid as they had "changed the program" and there were new requirements. Essentially, due to their internal processing errors which kept me out of school for four years, I now had to throw away all those classes and all that money spent and start all over. I was livid but, again, there wasn't much in terms of options. If I went somewhere else, I'd be throwing away even more. So, I fought and fought and eventually agreed to going forward with 122 credits. Better than nothing.

    I'm enrolled in my first semester and towards the end of the 10 weeks, I check to see how long I have until graduation, assuming it would be about a year or so. I see it says I only transferred over 114, not 122, credits and would not graduate until May of 2018! I lost my mind. I called my adviser and freaked out. While he was reviewing my information, he started stammering and getting very nervous. He told me he would have to call me back. The next day, I got a call from someone in Student Relations saying they "accidentally" enrolled me in a class I didn't need to take. I literally couldn't believe what I was hearing. After everything I had been through with this school, I give them another shot and first semester out of the gate, they've already screwed me again. After arguing with this lady for hours over several weeks, they credit me back the $1800+ for the course and tell me to have a nice day. Well, that's great but what about the additional 10 weeks of my life you just wasted? I am a small business owner - I had to cut back on my business and seeing clients in order to accommodate my educational endeavors so knowing I lost all that potential income over the past 10 weeks for nothing, knowing I sat through seminars and worked on tests and assignments into the wee hours of the night for nothing was infuriating! I should have been credited, not only financially, for that course - without a doubt.

    After this, I continue on in my courses, earn straight As, President's List Honors every semester. On August 3rd, I print out a billing statement for Kaplan and see that though the "student owes $0.00" there is a ledger card balance on my account for over $5k. I read the fine print on the bill and feel confident that's just money that hasn't yet been dispersed by FAFSA or applied to my account. Two weeks later, I get a frantic phone call and several emails from Kaplan's Student Accounts Department asking me how I plan to take care of this NINE THOUSAND DOLLAR balance I owe. Apparently, I've reached my undergrad borrowing limit...two semesters ago. They *claim* they've been trying to reach me but I have no missed calls and no previous emails from them. [I keep every email they've ever sent me and why would I choose to simply ignore this?] In speaking with this person, she tells me she's not sure how I was even allowed to continue registering for classes if I was carrying such a large balance. She doesn't know how I wasn't previously blocked from entering my classes [yes, if you were so desperate to reach me to no avail, blocking me from entering my classes would be a great way to get me to respond, dontcha think?] and she thinks it's a real shame I wasn't aware of the balance sooner because with my stellar GPA, I could have applied for and received scholarships. But it's too late now.

    I filed another grievance and was denied forgiveness of this balance. I was told it was my fault, that I'm responsible for tracking how much I'm borrowing and spending and knowing when I've reached my loan limit. But their billing was never accurate so it was impossible to track! They waited until I submitted my final assignment to my final course and in the last week of my last semester, they blocked me from accessing my courses. They are now holding my degree hostage - a degree I have earned and went $80k into debt for. They are pure evil, through and through. I have contacted an attorney who is advising me to go through arbitration with them first. I'm looking for anyone else who had gone through this process and had a positive result. I'm also looking to speak with anyone who has successfully sued this business. I refuse to call them a school - they're a business. And a terrible one at that.

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