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Within 24 hours of an online look see at distant programs I was contacted by Claudia from Kaplan. Having read many of the complaints regarding their high pressure sales many other people have had the same experience I had. When I told Claudia I wanted to think about the course the sale began. I admit I had previously held academia to a high standard and did not suspect the literal 'bum's rush' from what claims to be a school of higher education. Looking back, I cannot believe I was so gullible! Claudia was in such a rush and pushed until she got my credit card to put down a deposit. She literally lied about so many things, I don't know where to begin. At any rate, within days my life came completely apart and this got shoved on the back burner.

I will say if the academic advisory team was an ounce as attentive as the collections team, I would have had a great many questions answered. Most recently, Ms. E contacted me offering a deal provided they could access my checking account monthly, if not I would go to collections, which is apparently more unprofessional and aggressive than their 'business team'. They claim to be concerned with your education, make no mistake THEY ARE ALL ABOUT MONEY, GETTING MONEY, KEEPING MONEY AND DESTROYING ANYONE WHO COMES BETWEEN THEM AND MONEY!

I will say the 'business office is ruthless. I received up to five calls on my cell in fifteen minute periods. I cannot wait to see how abusive and horrible the collections folks are. I, like many people who have complained have been completely demoralized by the system at Kaplan. When I had mentioned the advisory person (who contacted me one time) she had the gall to state that they have thousands of students and could not be expected to take care of all of them. Isn't that what they advertise?

Lies, lies, lies, money, money, money! They are all about profit with no concern for the student. Ms. E. also had the nerve to tell me they do not have a sales team, they do not have monthly sales quota's, their sales people are master's level, and they never take advantage of anyone. I did not take a single minute of class and asked her if that was really worth $3, 000. and she said 'well, you did sign a contract and there is a lesson in this for you". Could they be more callous or patronizing? The only lesson I sadly learned was academia (Kaplan) is as greedy and corrupt as corporate America and that is the most tragic thing possible. Stay away from these vultures!!!

Oh, by the way, When I asked for accounting for Claudia's behavior and to review the phone tapes (they do tape their calls, I suggest you tape yours), I was told she no longer worked there and they weren't taping that call. Ms. E. did add that whatever tactic was used I did sign a contract and they have many lawyers willing to sue. Run away!!!

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  • Ka
      Sep 16, 2008

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  • To
      Jul 12, 2009

    I have not had any problems with Kaplan so far it has been 2 terms later and I have learned a lot. I honestly think that if you do not apply yourself then of course you will not learn anything. This is an online school so the pressure is on you as the student, just because you dont see a live professor does not mean you do not learn anything. I have a 4.0 GPA so i must be learning something in order to keep this up??

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  • Br
      Feb 15, 2010

    If you had went to any other online school you would realize that you are having problems with kaplan simply because they charge 353 dollars per credit hour when any other school online or campus charges $175. I'm a student at kaplan (FOR NOW) do your homework. I bet you learned a lot now huh? U should be getting 2 grand more a semester dummie!

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