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I have had many problems dealing with their finacial aid dept. Every time I turn around they say I am missing docments and get blocked out of my classes after sending documents. I am in my 2010 school year and recently was e-mailed that I was missing 2008 tax documents that I had sent . I had been attending and they should have had that already. They replied to me that" they did not know why it did not show in their files and that these things happen". No, it is just bad business and really unprofessional. I recently was locked out during finals for a paper they said they need that they previously never sent or told me I needed. I would not recommend this school or online courses due solely on their incompetant finacial aid department and services. I am really tired of dealing with their department.

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  • Sn
      Sep 21, 2010

    I totally agree 100%, I have spent 6 weeks doing the very same thing and I am so over it all! I still do NOT know what it is they want and I don't know what to do at this point in time! I'll take advice!

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  • La
      Oct 15, 2010

    There's a Kaplan support group on Yahoo where people are filling out affidavits against the Kaplan for stuff just like what happened to you. You should check it out.

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  • No
      Oct 19, 2010

    my complaint is the first living expense check took only a few weeks and the last two are taking forever. i want to know why this is happening. im going on my third term with kaplan and i really need my living expense check. they keep telling me that its because of the loan company, but im not quit sure what is going on. i am so fustrated with this.

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  • Sn
      Oct 19, 2010

    You can go online and check the status of your finances, when and where they were dispersed...

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  • Ma
      Jan 02, 2011

    There is a group on yahoo for former/current students or faculty that have stories or experiences to share. It is: [protected]
    I am a former student myself as I just withdrew last week because of the tantrics of Kaplan. Please come join us.

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  • Up
      May 03, 2011

    I too have had issues with their financial department missing docs. First let me start by saying that I enrolled because they so much advertised about their portfolio development class and the students being able to use lifetime experience as credits... huge rip off there.
    Now, the real complaint I have is in regards to financial aid not processing my documents, (TWICE), and after I decided to withdraw for Kaplan, I had a huge balance due, since my paper work sat on somebody's desk without being processed.
    Kaplan University needs to have some type of discipline done, or even a class action law suit. It is not ok for them to keep on misleading people this way. My credit is now showing a unpaid loan from Kaplan, and the finacial aid will not do anything about it.

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